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“True beauty comes from within” – we all know this phrase. But does everyone know its meaning? What defines true beauty? And what does self-love have to do with it? We answer these and other questions in today’s blog post and get to the bottom of the topic of “self-love”.

But, what does self-love actually mean? Self-love is not to be confused with self-indulgence. While self-love is mainly limited to outward appearances and in extreme cases borders on narcissism, self-love is solely about inner values and about accepting oneself – including all strengths and weaknesses.

But why do we find it so difficult to accept our own self?

Already in our childhood we are confronted with comparisons. Are we on the same level as the other children of the same age in kindergarten? Are we too big or too small for our age? It continues with grading at school, which is how our performance is measured. Are our grades good enough to pass? After all, our degree is determining our future, isn’t it?

Questions that are supposed to help us find our place in society – but which, unfortunately, are also always linked to answers that put us under pressure. So we often put obstacles in our path ourselves.


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Pressure is the opposite of self-love!

We live in a society of comparison, where we compare ourselves with others almost every day – whether at work, in sports, among friends or on social media. We measure our perceived weaknesses against the strengths of others and judge ourselves. But this is exactly the wrong approach, because we have to learn to accept ourselves as we are and stop defining ourselves by others. We are all different and that is a good thing!

Individuality is sexy!

Individuality has never been as sexy as it is today! We are lucky to live in a time where all doors are open to us, where we can try things out and express what we feel in order to be the person we want to be. To live this out, we just have to learn to accept ourselves – not that easy!

Have the courage to love yourself!

There is no manual for self-love and yet small tips can help us to put aside our ideal image and go on a deeper search for ourselves.

A first step is to give yourself more space for self-compassion, to be kinder to yourself and also to allow mistakes. Mistakes are part of our lives and we learn from them. In such a situation, it helps to bring out the optimist in us. We can only grow if we learn to look ahead. So keep reminding yourselves: The glass is half full!

The next step is to learn to define our strengths so that we can develop them further. What am I particularly good at? What do I really enjoy doing? This is what we need to find out in order to pay more attention to our strengths and to be able to focus clearly on them. If we integrate at least one of our strengths into our everyday life and live it out, this has a positive effect on our self-esteem. The reward centre in our brain becomes active and releases dopamine, which makes us feel happy and here it is: we got that glow!

Radiance is self-love and self-love is authentic!

As Coco Chanel once said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – so be yourself, because that’s how you are most beautiful!

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