Hiking made easy – 4 tips for hiking beginners

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Bright sunshine, chirping birds and fresh mountain air – those who want to really enjoy nature in summer and simply get out of everyday life are in good hands in the mountains. But you have no idea what to look out for when hiking or what important items should be included in your hiking equipment? No problem, because here we have put together our best four tips for your next unforgettable hiking experience!

1. Practice makes perfect

No master has fallen from the sky yet. Hiking also needs the necessary practice to be able to master strenuous tours easily. Therefore, as a beginner, take it slowly. The best way to find out if you like hiking is to choose a small tour in your area with a circumference of five to ten kilometres.  On average, it takes about two to three hours to cover this distance, but the general rule is that you need one hour for four kilometres in flat terrain and one hour for two kilometres in mountains. It is best to choose your own pace and don’t forget to enjoy nature.


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2. Eating and drinking while hiking

Many underestimate the energy consumption when hiking. Depending on duration and intensity, you can burn from 350 to 550 calories per hour. Therefore, you should always be careful to replenish your energy reserves and it is best not to start walking without having eaten something before. An easily digestible breakfast, like a wholemeal bread, is particularly suitable here. During the hiking tour, carbohydrate-rich snacks such as student food or chocolate should be on the agenda. In addition, you should regularly drink between two and four litres throughout the tour to replenish your water reserves.


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3. Blisters are history!

To avoid blisters on your feet at the end of the day, the right footwear is the most important thing when hiking. As a beginner, sturdy sports and running shoes that are profiled and slip-resistant are completely sufficient. However, as soon as you go into the mountains more often, you should definitely buy sturdy hiking boots. Please note that they have to be run in first! In addition, the right hiking socks will protect you from worn feet. Special hiking socks made of synthetic and wool parts cushion your heels and transport the sweat to the outside.


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4. How to not get lost in the woods

As one does not always have reception or mobile internet while hiking, numerous hiking apps are ideal to find one’s way in the surroundings. But the prerequisite is of course a full mobile phone battery. Therefore, always make sure to charge your smartphone or take a power bank with you in your backpack before a hiking tour. If you want to hike without your smartphone, you can also grab a compass and a map.


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We hope that our tips have been able to hook you with the wanderlust and that you are now optimally prepared for your next tour.


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