The Power of Seeds

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Seeds are not exactly a popular snack. However, they contain many vitamins and can be super integrated into various dishes.

We’ll show you some healthy seeds that you can include easily in your meals. Whether you toss them in a salad, bake brownies with them, or just snack on them. We’ll tell you the top 3 seeds and what’s really up with these super grains.

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Whether in bread, cake, porridge, muesli, or in a smoothie – the grains really fit everywhere. Chia seeds are a true power grain. The fiber-rich seeds are packed with healthy fats and antioxidants and swell tenfold when in contact with milk or water.

Chia seeds originate from Mexico and translated from the Mayan language mean “power”. This is also reflected in their effect, because the small power seeds make you full and give you lots of energy. They consist of 38 percent chia oil and 20 percent protein. They are also full of vital substances.


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Pumpkin seeds also have it all. The small green seeds have a lot: proteins, good fats, zinc, iron and vitamins. Regular consumption is good for blood pressure, blood sugar and for a healthy heart. Pumpkin seeds are even said to help sleep better. The ingredients selenium, phytosterols and vitamin E are also said to help relieve bladder problems.

The seeds are good as a salad or soup topping. However, you can also enjoy the super seeds as a healthy snack. We recommend to heat the seeds briefly in a warm pan and then deglaze with soy sauce. Then they get a delicious salty coating and taste even better!


Flax seeds are rich in fiber, protein, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. So they are good for digestion for the muscles and for the immune system. But flax also has a great tradition as a medicinal plant: already in ancient Greece, the oil and seeds of the flax plant were used to treat various diseases.

You can hardly taste the miracle seeds, so you can mix them well into any food. The seeds are especially good in muesli, salad or homemade bread. The seeds give energy, boost the intestinal tract and are good for your health!


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