Bronze Watches: The time has come

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A strikingly shiny and large watch, as expensive as possible, in gold and of a popular brand. This is what many watches look like in the current market. But there are also watches that are completely different! Be inspired by another watch trend in this article! 

Most watch wearers pay a lot of attention to the condition of their watch. Clean, shiny and scratch-free are the most important characteristics. The use of bronze could be problematic, because it oxidizes, is relatively soft and with small impacts and frictions scratches form fast. For this reason, the metal has so far been called base metal. But watch out! Watches with cases made of bronze are becoming more and more trendy!

The story begins in Florence

The trend of the bronze watch has developed over the years. In 2011, they appeared for the first time with the Italian brand Paneria. At the time, they launched the “Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo” model with 1000 copies, which watch fans were torn around at the time. Even if the price of 7600€ for such a “base” metal is a relatively high price, in comparison to it there are today bronze watches from Tissot of the model “Heritage Visodate” for 350€ a piece. But even today you can spend much more money on bronze models: for example for the limited “Perpetual Calendar” by IWC with a price of 30.900€.


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Each watch is unique

The exciting thing about this type of case is that each watch ages differently depending on the wearer, because the oxidation of the bronze case produces a slightly greenish patina. This patina develops differently depending on the frequency with which the watch is worn, body perspiration and air humidity, making each watch unique. So that the wearer can see this process completely, bronze watches are often delivered vacuum-packed. The metal is very sensitive and softer than other precious metals such as gold or steel. It deforms at the slightest friction and impact and forms scratches.


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Suitable especially for divers

Ship’s propellers and other items that have to withstand the aggressive seawater have been and still are mostly made of bronze. This also explains the great popularity among divers, as some models also include a diving time bezel: IWC dedicated the “Aquatimer” chronograph to researcher Charles Darwin, a watch that can withstand water pressures of up to 30 bar. The model costs €10,500.

If you want a watch that looks a bit “used” on purpose, you’re in good hands with a bronze watch. Thanks to their water resistance, these watches are ideal for divers. But a chic bronze watch in a used look is also suitable for everyone. Another advantage: bronze does not reflect sunlight. This makes such watches interesting for pilots and pilots. The German manufacturers Archimede and Laco have already published bronze pilot watches. We are curious to see where the trend is heading.

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