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Whether for a small appetite, for well-known cravings or for a full meal: We give you tips and inspirations on how to prepare an ideal snack for the office with little effort.

What do I eat during my lunch break today? This question comes up almost every day. Unfortunately, between meetings, telephone conferences, customer dates and deadlines, the choice often falls on a fast and therefore unhealthy meal – including the feeling of falling in an eating coma. Stop! We’ll show you how to prepare light, healthy and also fast meals for the office.


Everything that the vegetable department offers – from zucchini to carrots – can be used for it. The more colorful, the more vitamins and the funnier the consumption! But the most important ingredient is: quinoa. This super corn is a great source of protein and contains many nutrients. For example, you can prepare a larger amount on Sunday for the whole week. To round off the salad you should use fresh herbs or great flavorful oils.

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Simple, easy but delicious and healthy. For the small avocado pumpernickel, which are ideal for snacks, you need only a few ingredients: an avocado, salt, pepper, lemon, pumpernickel and fresh chives. The avocado is mashed with the lemon juice to a pulp and then seasoned with salt and pepper. Then the pumpernickel are coated and decorated with chives. That’s it! Many important nutrients and fats are covered. And thanks to the bread, this snack is really filling. Alternatively, you can also use tomatoes and salmon or cucumber.

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For those sweet teeth among us, we also have a tip: chia pudding. It can also be prepared a day before. Just let the chia seeds swell in almond milk overnight, an it’s ready! In the morning before work you can then add your favorite fruit as well as yoghurt and coconut or chocolate rasps. Viola!

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It’s so easy and fast to have a healthy and tasty snack in the office. Try it!

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