More muscle, less calories: The 3 tastiest pasta alternatives!

Of course, carbohydrates are important and effective after training. But how about a mixture of carbohydrates and plenty of protein? Protein noodles are healthier because they contain more protein and last longer. We tell you the best noodle alternatives, which ensure for more muscles and taste very good!



The red lentil noodles are ideal for muscle building. On 100 gram noodles there are 26 gram protein contained and 50 gram carbohydrates. In addition, the high content of dietary fibres makes them particularly rich for a long time. The lentil noodles are considered as a beginner protein pasta. Who loves normal pasta, is with this noodle still relatively close at the original. In combination with sport and a healthy diet, they are in any case healthier than conventional pasta and promote even more muscle building.



The colour makes this pasta alternative a real eye-catcher. With their black colour they definitely bring variety to your plate. Their taste is comparable to that of noodles made from red lentils – only a little more nutty. They taste delicious in coconut dishes, but also in curries and Asian bowls. The protein content is also impressive: Noodles made from black beans contain about 45 grams of protein and only about 15 grams of carbohydrates. Muscle building – we are coming!



The smell when cooking these noodles is not always pleasant. But they taste even better. The protein pasta made from chickpeas tastes particularly good with Asian and sweet-sour dishes. Its protein content, calculated at 100 grams, is about 20 grams of protein and 55 grams of carbohydrates. Enjoy your meal!

Image Source: iStock/ nata_vkusidey

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