Sustainable Lifestyle meets Big City Live – How to change your habits

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It feels like sustainability is already the buzzword for 2022. What started as a small movement has now become anchored in the minds of most people. In this article, we want to show you how to live sustainably, especially in the city.

‘City life has so much to offer’ – wisdom like this is often heard from young adults who leave home for college and move to the country’s larger cities. In many ways, that’s true. For those who care about sustainable living, it’s easy to adapt your lifestyle here. We’ll tell you exactly how to do that in this article.

Using your bike and public transportation instead of your car

One luxury that city life offers is the development of public transportation, which runs around the clock and connects the different parts of the city. In the larger cities, you can choose between subway, suburban train, streetcar and bus. The smaller cities also have a well-developed bus system and individual streetcar lines.

In addition to this, public transport offers other advantages. In contrast to the car, you are much more flexible and do not have to search for a parking space in the urban jungle. In addition, you can get from A to B more quickly. Munich in particular is considered the capital of traffic jams and heavy traffic.

If you like it even more relaxed and also like to be out in the fresh air, you should use a bicycle. Because in the city, the distances are much shorter than in the countryside. In the meantime, cities are focusing more on bicycle traffic in the area of mobility. Better developed bicycle lanes & entire bicycle streets are to strengthen the traffic on two wheels.


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Unpacked Shopping

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental killers of all. But unfortunately, there are currently no alternatives that can serve as a substitute and be used in many food chains.

An alternative to this are so-called unpackaged stores, which are now present in many larger cities. The concept behind this is very simple: all food is unpackaged in large containers and everyone who wants to shop there has to bring their own containers. In addition to reducing plastic, it is also a way to reduce food waste, as everyone only fills as much as they really need. The price is based on the weight.

In addition to food, soaps and shampoos can also be purchased unpackaged.

Those who forget their storage cans can easily buy new ones at the store.

Too Good To Go

As the name suggests, it is a concept to save food. The app Too good to go cooperates with grocery chains, bakeries, hotels, and restaurants to prevent food that is still good from being thrown away.

Anyone interested in the concept simply needs to download the app and create an account. Depending on the city, you will be shown various offers and pick-up times. For a small fee, you can pick up a full bag of pretzels, rolls, etc. from the bakery next door. Supermarkets are also happy to give out fruit and vegetables that were not sold that day.


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There are many ways to live sustainably, especially in the city. Unfortunately, rural regions are not yet fully benefiting from the sustainability movement. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that this will also change in the near future.

Source cover image: Unsplash / Danist Soh

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