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Taking a break in Dubai doesn’t happen often. The desert city is known for its large buildings and man-made islands. These may be good reasons to visit the city, but there are definitely more exciting attractions.

We’ve done a little research and have picked out the best tips for your trip to Dubai. Exciting tours and relaxing moments await you!


The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is not to be missed. The world’s largest building includes flats, suites, restaurants and observation decks. There are a number of 57 lifts that are used daily for the more than 160 floors.

The breathtaking panorama is the highlight of the trip – from here you can enjoy the view of the whole city. Especially in the evening, when the skyscrapers are illuminated, it will be an unforgettable experience.


The adventure can take place at any time of the day. If one is an early riser, the safari trip can start in the morning hours. Since some are not morning people and allow themselves more sleep on holiday, you can book the desert safari at different times. Whether in the hot midday sun or just before sunset, there are no bad time slots to explore the desert.

The great thing about these tours is that there are different transport options to explore the desert! And the good part is that the duration of the desert safari is flexible. Usually, these tours are between four and seven hours long.

The means of transport is, of course, the most important factor here. The fastest and most exciting option is the quad bike. Controlling the vehicle yourself, feeling the wind in your hair and the adrenaline rising – where can you feel more free? It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Besides the quad bike, there are of course other options. With the jeep, a group can drive through the desert together. Of course, you can ride camels here for the ultimate experience.

On many tours, there are stops at traditional places and oases where you can experience the Arabian flair at first hand.


Abu Dhabi, with its natural islands and cultural and architectural attractions, is a wonderful place for a day trip. Abu Dhabi is somewhat different from Dubai, as Dubai focuses more on superlatives and the national capital is more culturally oriented.

The drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi should take no more than 1.5 hours. Once you arrive in Abu Dhabi, the journey begins. One of the most important stops is the great Sheikh Zayid Mosque. This mosque is the largest in the UAE and among the biggest in the world. Other stops include the Marina Mall and the Etihad Towers. A day ticket could cost from ÔéČ99.


In Dubai, nothing has to be full of luxury all the time. Even the simple things can make life more beautiful. The Miracle Garden is the perfect place to switch off. Here you can stroll in peace and admire the more than 150 million flowers.

The largest natural flower garden in the world is one of the biggest sensations in Dubai. Within the 72,000 square metre park, there is a large series of famous figures, artworks and even an aeroplane, fully covered with fresh flowers and plants.

Among other things, this flower park has a sunflower field, an umbrella tunnel and even Smurf House. The different areas all have a unique charm. That’s why strolling around the Miracle Garden is so unique.


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How about a yacht tour with either breakfast or a barbecue? Enjoy the sun on a yacht and explore the special sights of the desert city? On this special tour you immediately have a different outlook on the city and get to know it from a different side.

Pure relaxation is what you get on the yacht. During the tour, you will have an exclusive route to see Dubai’s highlights from a different angle. The Dubai Marina, the Dubai Eye, Burj Al Arab and much more can be seen.


Enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view at the Palm Observatory. The building is 240 metres high and surprisingly still not one of the tallest buildings in Dubai

Witness the city skyline with a breathtaking view. The sight of Pal Jumeirah and the nearby landmarks take the whole experience to the next level.

Dubai is a great city for adventure and learning about new cultures. There are plenty of opportunities to let loose and you might find a new favourite custom or two. Whether it’s a day full of action or relaxing hours with the family, there’s something here for young and old.

Source cover image: Unsplash / Fernando Jorge 

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