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You sit down in the morning directly at the dining table and are actually continuously distracted by household chores? Who hasn’t quickly cleaned up the kitchen from the night before, done the laundry and then vacuumed? The best thing would be to have a room that is exclusively for working. We show you the possibilities of furnishing your workplace..

Do you have your own workspace? Or do you do your work from the dining room table? Having your own workspace helps you put aside household distractions and focus 100% on work. We’ll show you how to best design your workspace.

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Fresh air at the workplace is essential

Anyone who works directly in the bedroom knows the musty smell in the early morning. Ventilation in the home office is the be-all and end-all. It also makes sense to work in a bright room with lots of light. Place your desk directly in front of the window so that you can look out of the window when you need to think and gather new ideas.

Small tables for great minds

If you like to leave all your files, papers and other stuff lying around your desk, you might want to punish yourself with a small desk. The small desk looks elegant and offers little space for filing. A few plants, a dark wall and stylish pictures make the room look stylish and calm. This provides a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in which especially creative minds can go their free course without being distracted.

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Get yourself an overview

Anyone who is currently in the home office with a laptop without a keyboard knows the uncomfortable feeling in the forearms and neck after a long day of work. A slight elevation for the laptop or a loose keyboard makes working more comfortable.

So, to be able to work productively in a home office, you need a room that is flooded with light, well ventilated and tidy. Those who can afford their own workspace should follow these tips. But bedroom, dining room and kitchen offices can also become productive workspaces in no time. The most important thing, however, is to switch off and store the work equipment in the evening so that you can start the next day full of new energy.


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