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I´m walking on sunshine, oh oh – It’s finally here: spring! The temperatures climb high to over 20 degrees and the sun is shining. A certain accessory is therefore at the latest from now on again our daily companion – the sunglasses. But with which you are this year in the trend and not only protects your eyes, but especially are the absolute eye-catcher, we tell you in this post.

Too colorful, too big, too angular – there is none of that this year in terms of sunglasses. In 2021, there’s really a lot on offer again. To help you keep track of all the different models, we’ll now tell you with which glasses you’ll hit the bull’s eye.

Big, bigger, XXL sunglasses

The XXL sunglasses are back. Especially in the past two years, the narrow micro sunglasses were totally hip, but this year we put on the retro look and that brings us the oversized glasses back. Whether circular, square or oval, as long as your glasses are XXL, you’re an absolute fashionista.


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Colorful glasses

Can it be a little more? YES, more color! Yellow, blue, pink, green, orange – colorful sunglasses are all the rage in 2021 and an absolute “must” to set colorful accents in your outfit. No color is shrill enough this year, especially in neon, the sunglasses are the eye-catcher par excellence and at the same time provide more color in your life and good mood.

Angular sunglasses

The prize for the trendiest eyewear shape of the year goes to – ANGULAR. The edgy frames replace the round glasses this year and are absolutely modern. Sometimes narrower, sometimes wider – the rectangular models come in many different variations and therefore fit every face shape.


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The sunglasses trends 2021 are beautiful eye-catchers and are ideal to perfectly round off any outfit. There is something for every style, … so sunglasses on and out of the house!

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