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Almost ten years ago, bubble tea was a real trend drink. What appeared as a one-hit wonder in the beverage scene was gone just as quickly. But now bubble tea shops are more present again and that raises the all-important question: where did the sudden hype come from?

The renewed trend drink is celebrating its return and is much stronger than the first time. The drink has many names – the classic bubble tea because of the tapioca pearls, but boba tea is also widely used. Others would also describe it as Milk Tea, because milk is used as the base instead of juice.


Many people probably have asked themselves this question, and the answer is actually quite simple. The drink originates from Taiwan and was “discovered” in the 80s. But at that time, bubble tea was not nearly as popular as it is today. It took decades for it to become more popular in the West until it suddenly disappeared. But now you see a growing number of shops selling this special tea.

In 2010, bubble tea was at its peak and the trendy drink boomed in all corners of Germany.


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One reason is the color of the drink which is very eye-catching and is one of the reasons why people buy it. The color palette of bubble tea is unbeatable. There is hardly a color that is not being used. There is for example orange for peach, brown for chocolate or coffee and also green for matcha!

The bubbles in the teas are the so-called tapioca pearls. They are extracted from the root of the cassava and are used as tasteless and vegetable food starches. The tapioca pearls, like the juice, can be selected individually – there are also many different flavours here. So you have an endless choice of flavours! So finding your favourite bubble tea may take a while, but who says there’s only one favourite flavour allowed?

How did the trend started?

As with every trend, only very few people know the reason why certain things suddenly get attention. But in this case, there are clues that can lead back to its comeback!

The trend has spread again thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. Thanks to the apps, many different things have already gained popularity – including Boba Tea. Besides the apps, the growing influence of Asian culture has also helped to promote the drink. Especially K-pop and anime play a big role here.

An example are so called cup sleeve events which are usually held in bubble tea shops. Cup sleeve events are small birthday parties for members of K-pop groups. For this occasion the shop is being decorated and art prints are being sold. Everyone who buys a bubble tea becomes a free cup sleeve.


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Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nai Cha Bubble Tea München (@naicha_tea)


Since bubble tea tends to be a summer drink, most people understandably want something fruity at this time of year. Good thing that there are many sweet options.

Flavours are surprisingly plentiful. However, some of the most popular directions include sweet and fruity juices – especially tropical fruits. Some of these fruits are:

  • Litchies
  • Mango
  • Passion fruit

Besides these tropical fruits, there are also juices such as peach, green tea, orange and many more.

Moreover, just like the juice, the tapioca balls can be chosen based on your desire.

We think it’s great that bubble tea is getting the recognition it deserves! The hype can stay longer this time so we can enjoy this diverse drink for even longer.

Source cover image: Unsplash / Moujib Aghrout

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