Less is more! The new interior design trend „Japandi“

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What do Japan and Scandinavia have in common? Right – a warm feel-good atmosphere and strict aesthetics, or in other words the furnishing style “Japandi”. The rustic component of the North is combined with the reduced elegance of the East. Find out everything about the new living trend and how you can implement it in your home.

The idea behind the furnishing style is that, despite the simplicity of the furnishings and a few details, it still radiates cosiness and warmth. However, this can only be achieved by concentrating on the essential details and thinking in a minimalist way, i.e. moving away from consumerism.

Simple forms are the key

The simpler the better. This is the motto of the furnishing style. Whether pieces of furniture or accessories, simplicity is in the foreground. Prominent furnishing elements such as expansive armchairs should be avoided. The same applies to decorations. The focus is on a few details, but these should be chosen carefully because they should radiate the necessary elegance. Black details in particular are an unmistakable feature of the style of living due to their calming atmosphere and visual depth. In addition, the decorations are often unique pieces with a personal touch.


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Filigree furniture made of natural materials

Functionality and simplicity should also be reflected in the furniture. Particular attention should therefore be paid to filigree and small furniture. They can be easily restructured and symbolise restraint. In addition, the function of a piece of furniture should be immediately recognisable at first glance. At best, the furniture should consist of natural materials. Scandinavians often use very light-coloured wood for furnishing. In Japan, dark wood is one of the most frequently used materials. Bamboo, stoneware and paper are also often used. In “Japandi”, light and dark colours may be combined.


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The colour palette of the living trend proves to be both discreet and strong at the same time. The colour choice in “Japandi” is excellent for natural shades such as beige, green, brown or aubergine. However, these can also have more pronounced shades. The simple colours are timeless and can be easily combined with each other.


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