Martinique: Tropical France in the Ocean

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One of the latest trends among holiday destinations is the island of Martinique. It is located north of Venezuela and is part of the small Antilles, a volcanic chain. The national language: not Spanish, but French. But why exactly does this beautiful island belong to France? We’ll tell you everything about Martinique and show you our insider tips on how to experience the island up close.

The French Caribbean Island

Martinique has been under French ownership since 1635. At that time it was an overseas department of France. Accordingly, the island also belongs to the EU. Napoleon’s first wife, Joséphine de Tascher, was born here. Her monument, a small statue, is located on the central square of the capital of the island, Fort-de-France.

Paradise par excellence

Mountains, waterfalls and beaches… a true dream island. The locals call the island “madinina”, the island of flowers. The flora of Martinique promises a lot. From a multitude of flower species to numerous tropical trees, everything is there. The tropical climate makes sure that the island never has less than 20 degrees Celsius during the whole year.


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Activities in Martinique

Besides fantastic white and black palm beaches, hiking fans will get their money’s worth. The island has a well maintained 250km long hiking net that even reaches to the volcano Montagne Pelée. Canyoning or excursions by canoe are also possible on the rivers. In addition, the bays of Le Robert and Le François are especially suitable for windsurfing and kite surfing. The underwater world can be explored at all diving spots.

Our personal highlight

Due to the high rainfall, a rainforest has formed in the interior of the island. Here it is much cooler and more humid than on the coast. In the north of Martinique is the attraction Georges de la Falaise. It is a steep descent into a gorge. The perfect hike in spite of hot temperatures – because when you arrive at the bottom, you can go for a hike through the river to the waterfall. The whole excursion can of course be done with a guide.

Tip: Martinique is warm all year round. The dry season from February to May is the best time to visit. The average temperature here is 26 degrees.



Source cover picture: Unsplash/ Rowan Heuvel

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