Black Sapote – Sweet seduction meets superfruit

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The dream of a healthy, low-calorie chocolate comes true and it’s called black sapote! The superfruit combines sinful chocolate enjoyment with a figure-conscious diet. Never heard of the black Sapote? You should!

Whether used as a Nutella substitute or as a refinement to breakfast smoothies, the black sapote tastes like chocolate pudding while still being low in calories and rich in vitamins.

What makes the black sapote so healthy?

The chocolate fruit, also called “chocolate pudding fruit”, originates from South and Central America, more precisely from Mexico, Guatemala and the Philippines. The superfruit is rich in vitamin C, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Its appearance is reminiscent of a persimmon or a green apple, but its consistency is more like that of plum puree. The darker the fruit appears from the outside, the riper it is. The flesh has a sweet to slightly nutty taste – the perfect substitute for the otherwise high-calorie Nutella.


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How do I eat the superfruit?

The fruit is not only super delicious, but also super easy to eat. The black Sapote can be enjoyed pure in bowls or desserts, for example, or as a spread on bread. Even muffins can be made out of the vitamin bomb.


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Where can I purchase the fruit?

As good as the whole sounds, there has to be a hook to the thing and unfortunately there is one. German supermarkets unfortunately don’t have the black Sapote in their assortment. With a little luck you can find the exotic fruit in special fruit and delicatessen shops. Also on weekly markets there is the possibility to get hold of the popular fruit. But the black sapote will certainly soon conquer the supermarkets due to its growing popularity. Then it’s time for the chocolate pudding!

Tip: For patient and environmentally conscious gourmets, there is of course also the alternative of planting a sapote tree yourself. Your friends will envy you forever.


Source cover image: Pixabay / sandid

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