These tips will make your winter holiday more sustainable

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As beautiful as a winter holiday in the Alps is without question, more and more people doubt the compatibility between nature and ski tourism. We will show you what is most environmentally harmful about a winter holiday and what you should pay attention to so that your next skiing holiday is more sustainable. 

The ski resorts are getting bigger and bigger and more modern and without artificial snow they would probably be closed most of the year. But how does this affect nature and climate? Are there sustainable ski holidays?


Sustainable winter sports regions

If Alpine Pearls is your destination, the answer to this question is yes. Alpine Pearls is an association of 21 Alpine resorts in Germany, France, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland, which promise their guests environmentally friendly holiday enjoyment. In these places there are, for example, sustainable hotels, ski resorts that run on green electricity. Above all, however, the emphasis is on ensuring that guests can enjoy the full range of winter pleasures even without a car.

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Away from the hustle and bustle

But it can also be a possibility to look for exciting and nature-friendly activities away from the big ski circus. Touring skis and snowshoeing, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. On the one hand you have to deal with the dangers very thoroughly, on the other hand you have to follow the signposts. Because winter sportsmen have nothing to do in nature reserves. As always it is also valid that no garbage may be left behind.


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Leave the car at home

85 percent of the CO2 emitted by winter tourism is attributable to travel. This is because the lifts and snow cannons are relatively energy-efficient. An average journey of 200 kilometers releases just under 40 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere. With around 100 million tourists who travel to the mountains every year, this adds up to a lot.  By comparison, the railways emit just under three kilograms of CO2 for the same distance. Even though many ski resorts are now easier to reach by train, many still see their large luggage as an obstacle.


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Winter holidays in the Alps are not possible without interfering with nature. However, the interference can be reduced by the right travel and the choice of sustainable places.


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