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New year, new me – who does not know this saying. Many people take New Year’s resolutions as an opportunity to strive for their goals in the new year. But sometimes that’s not quite easy.

To set suitable resolutions for yourself, it is important to know what goals you want to achieve throughout the year. Of course, these should be realistic. Otherwise, it is difficult to maintain your motivation. Therefore, the right plan is half the battle. Here we have collected some ideas for you, which serve as inspiration to have a fun and successful year.

Hydration is key

Adding some fresh lemons to your water helps you to enjoy your daily doses of water (source: Unsplash / Levi Teichrib.)

What may sound a bit bizarre, happens to many of us. The majority of people drink too little water throughout the day. The main problem is that the human body of an adult consists of 65 percent water. The human brain is made up of almost 80 percent water. Accordingly, adults should drink at least 1.5 liters of fluids a day.

Towards the end of the day, most people then realize that another glass of water would have been wise. After all, a feeling of thirst is not the only characteristic of refueling the body’s fluid reserves. Headaches, fatigue and concentration problems are secondary symptoms caused by a lack of fluids. In some cases, migraine attacks or dizziness can even occur.

But even for this, there are one or two tricks to stay hydrated throughout the day. There are now a number of apps that remind you to drink fluids more frequently. In addition to the regularity of the reminder, there are other options that can be set flexibly.

In addition, it is beneficial to place a water bottle at your workplace. The mere sight of a full water bottle acts as a natural reminder for many to take a sip of water.

A green thumb

A new year often comes with new projects in people’ s homes. Whether larger or smaller changes – the main thing is that something is going to be different. Alone an extensive plant decoration can make such a difference.

Plants are natural air filters and, in addition to a beautiful appearance, provide better air. The green color reduces stress, so people especially with low blood pressure, feel more relaxed and happy in a green space. We have a few examples of plants that work well in the home:

  • Aloe vera – a very low-maintenance plant that stores a lot of water and can do without watering for a long time.
  • Monocot – unlike many other plants, it does not need direct sunlight for its well-being.
  • Hoya plant – long hanging plant adds liveliness to any room and is also very easy to care for.


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monthly activities

In most cases, there are no specific conditions for the implementation of the resolutions in terms of time. There are plans that are tackled less frequently. These include spending time with family and close friends. To make sure they don’t miss out, we’ll give you some tips for joint activities.

Don't miss out to extent your culinary horizon (source: Unsplash / Levi Teichrib).

Cooking & Backing

Especially after the holidays, the incentive to spend more time in the kitchen and to create new recipes increases for many people. So why cook for yourself alone, when there is nothing better than to present the new culinary skills to your loved ones. In addition, it’s easy to quickly organize a cooking party, to which everyone who is invited must bring their own dish.

Game Nights

Whether it’s once a week or once a month – get together for a fun round of gaming! Here it is not important whether you play board games or on the gaming console – the main thing is that you are together and have fun. This can also be perfectly combined with cooking together for the ultimate evening!

To-Do Lists and prioritization


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Out of vacation – into everyday life. It’s not just at work that we try to juggle everything. Everyday madness also brings its pitfalls, so that it is sometimes difficult not to lose the overview.

Fortunately, there is some help that can help you keep a clear head. Simply creating a to-do list provides many people with an orderly overview of the results that need to be achieved during the day. You don’t even need a super fancy form from the Internet. A blank sheet of paper is sometimes enough.


If you still like to be creative, you should use a bullet journal. In addition to the artistic design freedom, it serves to switch off from the stressful everyday life and promotes the collection of new ideas. You can design your book individually and sort your subdivisions according to your heart’s desires. Towards the end of the year at the latest, it’s worth re-reading the older entries.

One Month Vegan Life

After the meat-heavy holidays, it’s not uncommon for one or the other to want a short break from animal products. So what about staying away from animal products for a whole month? The “Veganuary” is a one-month challenge in which participants eat a completely vegan diet.

Many brands are using this as an opportunity to promote their meat alternatives or even to launch new substitute products on the market. And with success: more and more people are deciding to give such alternatives a chance.

If you are looking for a new challenge at the beginning of the new year, the Veganuary is just right for you.

Meatless products are becoming more popular, especially for younger people (source: Unsplash / Levi Teichrib)

Resolutions are a great thing to turn your life around. But don’t worry: they are not absolutely necessary to get started in the new year. Nevertheless, small changes do no harm and at the same time promote the well-being of body and soul. At the same time, we gain new experiences and experience new perspectives.

Source Cover Image: Unsplash / Luba Ertel

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