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Art fans watch out: What the music industry can do with Shazam, the art industry can now do with the Magnus App. Magnus Resch wants to revolutionize the art world and we like it. With only one photo, the viewer will receive information about the work, the artist and the prizes. Quick and easy with only one snapshot. Brilliant!

Who doesn’t know the problem? You stand in front of a work of art and wish for more background information. Who painted it? What kind of work is it? And how much do you think it’ll be worth? The Magnus app now shows you all the information in a snapshot. It works like Shazam, only for art. Now you get the artist’s name, title and price. The best thing: The app is completely free. But there’s more: You can also use the app to find out where galleries and museums are, including their opening hours and current exhibitions. Like Google Maps for the art world.


Until the launch, Magnus and his team of forty people collected works of art and artist data for three years. Anything that could not be read out automatically had to be done manually. Today, fortunately, most of the pictures come from the users themselves. So anyone who uses the app to photograph a work of art enlarges the database. With approximately ten million images and its functionality in around 20,000 galleries worldwide, the app is already the largest platform for contemporary art in the whole world.


Magnus definitely has the desire to expand the art market. He wants more people to buy art. The main beneficiaries are the artists and galleries. And the Magnus app makes it much easier for the buyer. Thumbs up!

Titelimage source: unsplash / Antenna

Image source: youtube / Magnus


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