4 insider tips for a perfect weekend in Prague!

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Palaces and churches, the castle high up on the Hradschin, chic cafés, hip shops and delicious beer. All this and so much more you can find in Prague! Best of all, in just 48 hours you can experience a cultural, culinary and unforgettable weekend trip! We’ll tell you how with these 4 best insider tips!

Prague attracts people from all over the world. On the one hand, new artists open their fancy studios on every corner, while on the other hand, old Prague is still full of traditions. The city is one of the oldest in Central Europe, spared the devastation of the Second World War. Lucky for us. Thus, beautiful buildings have been preserved: The Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, the historical city centre with its Gothic and Romanesque architecture and the Town Hall with its astronomical clock. On the Lesser Town and in the Hradská town, the architecture is from the Renaissance and Baroque. But above all, Prague is known for its Art Nouveau buildings and good beer.

The Karls Bridge is perfect for strolling in the evening (source: own shot)

The Karlsbrücke

You have to cross seven bridges… Not quite. A total of 13 large bridges from different times span the beautiful River Moldau that flows through Prague. The Karlsbrücke is one of them, which is also the heart of Prague. It is one of the oldest in Europe and has become the city’s landmark. Our insider tip: Stroll across the Karlsbrücke in the evening or at night. Then you are undisturbed and have enough space to enjoy the great sculptures on the bridge and the view of the illuminated Prague. During the day the bridge is so crowded that you have to fight your way through the crowd.

A view of Prague Castle (source: own shot)

Prague Castle on Hradschin

The mountain Hradschin has given the Prague castle its nickname Hrad. The entire castle area is undoubtedly the must-see of the Czech capital – apart from Karlsbrücke, of course. The castle grounds are home to several great sights! For the tour including a visit to the museums and the magnificent gardens around the castle you should plan about half a day and buy the tickets online to avoid very long queues!

The fortress is divided into several courtyards. Right at the beginning you will come across the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral and its magnificent gates. Next to it is an interesting museum and the splendid palace, which is also worth a visit. The golden lane is particularly important at the end. Little houses next to little houses in all possible colours line up next to each other here.  Each cottage can still be visited today with the original furniture. Personalities like Franz Kafka lived here for example. You shouldn’t miss the palace complexes around the palaces: Every baroque aristocratic dynasty that was a bit of a fan of itself built a magnificent garden around the palace. For this reason, you can now stroll through the green areas of Ledebour, Pálffy, Kolowrat, Fürstenberg or Waldstein and take a deep breath. The Mediterranean vineyard of Villa Richter at the eastern end of Prague Castle is also worth a visit. Here you can taste delicious wines.

The monastery fascinates every visitor (source: own shot)

The Strahov Monastery

The Strahov Monastery is an abbey of the Premonstratensian Order at Strahovské nádvoři in the Prague district Hradčany. The three-nave Romanesque monastery church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary from 1148 was given an early Gothic vault, a transept and two side chapels after the fire of 1258. The monastery church is worth a visit, as are the two beautiful library rooms of the monastery: the theological and the philosophical hall. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the rooms and you have to pay extra for a photo. You only have to stand at the threshold to see the halls. Nevertheless, they offer a beautiful sight. The way to the monastery is also worthwhile. One leaves the hustle and bustle of the city behind and strolls for one hour through a big green park which ends into a forest.

Baumstriezel are just incredibly tasty, although not as healthy as vegetables 😉 (source: own shot)

Dumplings, beer and other delicacies

Prague is also known for its delicious and hearty home cooking and good beer. Dumplings with chicken and sauerkraut can be bought everywhere at a great price. The best cool beer can be enjoyed on the Vltava River overlooking Prague Castle. There are many good types of beer that are worth trying. In some bars you can order one beer meter. This is a 1 metre long wooden board on which 6 different types of beer are served. Not for nothing many people celebrate their bachelor party in Prague.

Especially tasty and suitable for the sweet hunger in between are the Baumstriezel, which are available at every corner in Prague. Varied with chocolate, ice cream, cream or fruit or very traditional nude, they are simply delicious.


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