Luxury meets performance: The Smartwatches of luxury watch manufacturers

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So much for luxury not being sporty. The Smartwatch or Connected Watch has gained a firm place in the watch market over the last two years. In the meantime, luxury watch manufacturers are also focusing on this sector. We present three luxurious Smartwatches that make your training easier. Never before has it been so easy and so chic at the same time to analyse your activity, improve your sleep and avoid stress. Does Apple have luxurious competition?

Garmin: The new luxury series Marq

Garmin is launching a new luxury watch series under the name “Marq”, which is especially designed for sportsmen, racing drivers, pilots and boat owners. The new collection includes five models, which are priced between 1500 and 2500 Euros. Each of the five models has certain special features that are tailored to the respective sport. One advantage over other watch manufacturers is the fact that the model “Forerunner” is able to measure oxygen saturation and maximum oxygen absorption. In addition, it is possible to measure exposure at different altitudes and in different climates.


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The TAG Heuer Connected Modular

TAG Heuer was the first Swiss luxury watch manufacturer to offer a Smartwatch in the true sense of the word. The first “Connected” model was launched in 2015. This was followed by other new developments, such as the “Connected Modular”, which offers various timing options such as stopwatch, timer or alarm. Prices start at 1100 euros, whereby the customer can change the straps and clasps as desired, in addition to a titanium case body.


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The Frédérique Constant Hybrid Manufacture

Half automatic watch – half Smartwatch. With its “Hybrid Manufacture” watch, the Swiss brand Frédérique Constant combines its automatic manufacture calibre FC-750 with an electronic module. This enables activity and sleep to be recorded. In addition, the owner is kept informed at all times if something is wrong with the watch and if it needs to be fixed. Simply smart!


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No matter a differentiated evaluation of all training units or the preparation of health statistics for laymen and professionals, the luxury sports watches offer a number of advantages. Reach your training goals faster – and look elegant at the same time.

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