Travel inspiration: Road trip through the west of America!

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We just can’t keep these highlights of a road trip through America’s west from you. But globetrotters and wanderlust friends watch out: After these photos the date for your next USA trip is definitely already set!

A three weeks road trip through the USA is probably something almost everyone has on their bucket list when it comes to traveling. A colleague of ours has now checked that off his list with both a laughing and a crying eye since the longing to return is overwhelming. From LA to San Francisco, from California to Nevada, he discovered the absolute hotspots of the American West. We gave him a Huawei P20 Pro in order to capture at least some impressions for us.

The results are too good to be kept from you. Those pictures really impressed us, so we decided to put together a whole article just for the holiday pictures with the P20 Pro for you.

But enough talking. Pictures say more than a thousand words, so watch for yourself and enjoy the view. We guarantee that the next USA trip will be even higher on your list.

Have fun!

Source cover image: youdressed

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