The basic rules of Clean Eating

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In the U.S., clean eating has long been a major food trend. Now “clean food” is slopping over to Europe. There are some basic rules for a healthy, clean lifestyle.

The founder of the clean eating movement is American nutritionist Tosca Reno. She emphasizes that the nutritional trend is not a diet that focuses on weight loss, but rather a holistic, healthy lifestyle. The most important basic rule in clean eating is to eat small meals throughout the day. It is essential to always pay attention to the natural feeling of hunger and to eat only when you are really hungry. Especially important is breakfast, so that the body can replenish its energy reserves and you can start your day feeling fit. In addition, according to the clean eating philosophy you should drink two to three liters of water a day and abstain completely from alcohol.


Since you should avoid additives, it is recommended to cook your own meals. This is the best way to control what you ingest. On the menu are mainly seasonal fruit and vegetables. According to clean eating principles, so-called “naked products” which are not welded or packed in plastic, are the best. With the ingredients for clean eating dishes, it is important to pay attention to a balanced diet. Mainly healthy fats should be used for cooking. It is also recommended to combine carbohydrates with proteins. By ingesting protein sources and complex carbohydrates at the same time, the metabolism is regulated and attacks of ravenous appetite are prevented.


It is also important to reduce the salt used for cooking since it can result in unpleasant water retention. Further, refined sugar or artificial sweeteners should be avoided according to the clean eating principles. Therefore, the focus of the clean eating movement is to only ingest food that does good to the body and helps to release enough energy.

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