Modetrend 2020 Grey Jeans

Fashion trend 2020: Grey Jeans

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Simple, elegant and an absolute all-rounder. This piece of clothing is becoming a fashion trend 2020: grey jeans.

“Hip teens don’t wear blue jeans” – this song lyric is from 2004, but could just as well have been written in 2020. Over the last few years we simply couldn’t get enough of blue jeans in all variations and forms.

But the fashion goddesses & gods have spoken and announced a new trend colour for denim jeans in 2020: grey.

Grey is in

Grey jeans are not exactly a new invention in the world of fashion. But up until 2020, most grey denim trousers have been skinny cut. Future fashion designers have already presented new visions with the material: grey used jeans, grey straight leg jeans, grey wide leg jeans and so on, and so on.

How to style the grey denim look

We brainstormed about this and have come to a conclusion: The grey look actually surpasses blue jeans as a fashion allrounder. Both are perfect for a party outfit or a business look, but in comparison the grey jeans look even “cleaner” and more reserved and therefore simply more elegant and chic.

If you like minimalist fashion, then you’re already winning with this fashion trend. The grey jeans just go so well with subtle colours such as black, white, navy or cream.

Jewellery! Everything is possible

Blazers, blouses and pumps are the perfect match for the more sophisticated outfit – and for those who prefer a kind of rock chic style: The combination of boots, leather jackets and band shirts make a fantastic street outfit.

The best part: jewellery. – Everything is possible. Both gold and silver necklaces, earrings, rings and co. can be used to compliment the subtle grey colour. By the way, rhinestone looks amazing in combination with this fashion trend.


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⠀ ⠀👔 Casual Chic или небрежная элегантность. Первым представил этот стиль на подиумах итальянец Nino Cerutti в начале 90-х. Он смог грамотно сочетать пиджак и джинсы, дорогие ткани с дешёвыми, элементы спортивного стиля с деловым, внеся свежий взгляд на привычные вещи. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀👔 Casual Chic or careless elegance. The first to introduce this style on the catwalks was Italian Nino Cerutti in the early 90’s. He was able to competently combine a jacket and jeans, expensive fabrics with cheap ones, elements of a sports style with a business one, bringing a fresh look at familiar things

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Image Source: unsplash / Logan Weaver

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