The three most popular meat alternatives

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In recent years, the issue of sustainability has become increasingly explosive. One way to eat a climate-friendly diet is to avoid eating meat. If you still can’t live without your schnitzel or burger, you should definitely take a look at these three popular meat alternatives! Meatless food has never been so delicious!

Environmental protection, health benefits or the avoidance of animal suffering: there are many reasons to choose a diet without or with a lower meat content. The meat alternatives are particularly healthy and resource-conserving, especially when prepared by yourself.


The probably best known meat alternative is tofu. Many Asian dishes contain the protein-rich basic substance, which is nothing else than soya quark. Thanks to its neutral taste, tofu offers a wide range of uses and is always satiating. Tofu can replace not only meat, but also eggs or dairy products. For example, soya quark can easily be enjoyed as burgers in burgers or as a basis for vegan Bolognese.


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Compared to tofu, the consistency of seitan is firmer and more fibrous. Seitan consists of wheat protein, or gluten, and is often used to produce finished meat alternatives. Seitan sausages in particular can be prepared well on the grill in summer. Seitan can often be bought either as a finished product, pre-cooked or as a side powder for mixing. The meat substitute can also be made from ordinary flour. Although it takes a lot of effort, it’s cheap.


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Your burger has found a new topping! The jackfruit has a fibrous consistency reminiscent of pork and is currently very popular on burgers. The tree fruit comes from the tropics and is ideal for preparing the American dish pulled pork. Here the jackfruit pieces are simply fried in oil together with onions and garlic, seasoned and served with white bread and salad.


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Of course, one piece of meat here and there is not harmful. But in the long run, meat substitutes offer a good way to preserve the environment with a lot of taste.


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