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Our ranking of the 5 most beautiful lakes in Germany

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Relaxing, swimming, sports – for all these activities no one has to sit for hours in the plane! In our list you will find the five most beautiful lakes in Germany.

Be there when we travel a bit through Germany and explore the most beautiful lakes of the country. Who knows, maybe we’ll be near you one day.

Rank 5: The Steinhuder Lake

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The Steinhunder Lake (Source: Unsplash / Levi Teichrib)

This lake lives up to its name: with a good 29 square kilometers, it is the largest lake in northwest Germany! In addition, the lake has two islands. The island Wilhelmstein with the fortress of the same name on it invites you for sightseeing, the bathing island Steinhude for swimming fun afterwards.

Rank 4: The Chiemsee

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The Chiemsee (Source: Unsplash / Waldemar Brandt)

Here comes the next sea in our list, this time the Bavarian. Lake Chiemsee is the largest lake in Bavaria and invites you to a vacation “dahoam” with its beautiful water, the impressive panorama of the Alps and King Ludwig’s fairy-tale castle on the island of Herrenchiemsee.

Rank 3: The Bodensee

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The Bodensee (Source: Unsplash / Robert Wiedemann)

Germany’s No. 1 largest lake only makes it to No. 3 in our ranking, but it still has a lot to offer: Vast vineyards and orchards, proximity to tourist destinations in Austria and Switzerland, and of course the cool waters of the lake itself, fed by the Rhine!

Rank 2: The Müritz

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The Müritz (Source: Unsplash / Tim M)

The second largest German lake in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is part of the Mecklenburg Lake District, one of the most popular vacation regions in Germany. Whether it’s a hike around the lake in the Müritz National Park, a sailing trip or simply swimming at one of the many beaches – the Müritz has something for everyone.

Rank 1: The Eibsee

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The Eibsee (Source: Unsplash / Daniel Seßler)

Less well-known than its competitors, but still at the top of our ranking! And deservedly so, because the Eibsee below the Zugspitze is attractive with its Caribbean turquoise water, the many bays for bathers and its location at the foot of the Alps. In addition, hikers and cyclists get their money’s worth here.

Wherever you look, Germany has beautiful lakes. Now you know our top 5, feel free to take a look. Sometimes you have the best places in front of your nose and still don’t know them.

Source Cover Image: Unsplash / Karsten Würth

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