Everything you need to know about a juice cleanse

Can you imagine drinking only juice for days? Because that is currently absolutely in trend. Every day you drink several juices and treat your body with a Time-out. What exactly a juice cleanse is and why you should do one, we explain here.

What’s a juice cleanse?

During a juice cleanse you will only eat raw fruit and vegetables in the form of juices for several days. It is usually made over a period of 3 or 5 days, during which you drink six juices a day – one every two hours. The juices are made from cold-pressed vegetables and fruit and are not pasteurized, which means they retain their vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

What are the advantages?

A juice cleanse gives your body a healthy time-out. The natural cleansing powers of the body are supported. Especially the internal organs, as well as the skin, should be freed from toxins. The juices from fruits and vegetables provide you with many vitamins and nutrients. It can also be the beginning of a permanent change in your eating routin. Since you are only eating liquid food these days, you will also lose some weight.

What is it to be considered?

During a juice cleanse you drink a juice every two hours. But important for a successful course is to drink enough water in addition to the juices – preferably at least 2 liters per day. You can also use green or herbal tea for this. If you feel a little hunger in between, you can eat a bit of a tomato, cucumber or some unsalted nuts.

Before a juice cleanse

It is helpful to prepare yourself and your body for a juice cleanse. This means that it is best to give up milk products, sugar, meat, rice, bread, pasta, alcohol and nicotine two or three days in advance. The day before you can prepare for the start of the cleanse with soups, smoothies and vegetables.

After a juice cleanse

After you’ve done something good for yourself and your body with a juice cleanse, you should take it slowly and again grab raw food and liquid food. Start gradually with vegetables, salad and healthy carbohydrates like brown rice or oatmeal before you fill your stomach with a pizza – even if that’s your biggest wish after all the juice. But you’d better see the juice cleanse as an opportunity to eat healthier from now on.

Buy a juice cleanse package or do it yourself?

If you decide to make a juice cleanse, it is of course easier for you to have a ready-made package delivered to you. There are many suppliers like Pressbar, Frank Juice or Kale&Me who will offer you many different possibilities. If you prefer to squeeze the juices yourself, there are many recipes on the Internet, for example at amigaprincess.

Image sources: Unsplash/ freestocks.org

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