Traveling with a Camper – THE TREND MOBILE IN TODAY’S AGE

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Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the trend has shifted to traveling with one’s own mobile. No matter if it’s in the form of a motor home, caravan or even your own camper. We’ll tell you what’s so special about traveling with a van!

The social media channels are currently full of them – vacation photos. What particularly stands out are pictures of people traveling around with a converted camper. Especially in tough pandemic times, many have fulfilled the dream of having their own upgraded van. But you don’t necessarily need your own van to explore the most beautiful places in Europe. There are now many providers who offer rental vans. Before the start of the vacation season, we introduce you to providers and tell you what to look out for.

Important Information in Advance

Before the big trip starts, there are, as always, a few things to consider. The basic rule is: as many people are allowed to ride in the camper as there are approved seats available in the vehicle. As long as the van weighs less than 3.5kg, anyone can drive the vehicle without needing an additional driver’s license. All those who made their driver’s license after 1999 need a truck driver’s license for heavier vans.

Even if many wish to park their camper on the side of the road and let the day end in the most beautiful sunset, the reality is different. In Germany, for example, wild camping is prohibited. You are only allowed to stop at designated parking areas or campsites. Therefore, it is particularly important to consider an appropriate route beforehand. So you should also clarify beforehand whether you need an electricity or water connection. If so, a campsite would be an advantage.

The best thing to do is to find out more about the exact requirements and details before your first trip.

Camper Rental

As interest increases, so does the number of rentals. There are now locations all over Germany. Many even have a separate location abroad and rent out the cars from Italy, for example.

Especially for camping beginners, it is convenient that most providers include all the equipment in the price. So no own camping gear or camping chairs must be bought beforehand.

To give you an overview of the providers on the market, we have compiled a small list for you.


Roadsurfer is a young start-up from Munich, which offers different models. Besides the typical Volkswagen model, there are also motorhomes and even dog campers for rent. The cheapest model is at 65ÔéČ. The price includes full equipment, comprehensive and breakdown cover, two registered drivers and unlimited free kilometers.

In addition to locations in many German cities, it is even possible to rent the campers in many European countries and drive off from there. Since recently, Roadsurfer also offers the rental of the vans in the USA. So if you’ve always wanted to drive along the coast of California in a van, you now have the opportunity to do so.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von roadsurfer (@roadsurfer)


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von roadsurfer (@roadsurfer)

Freeway Camper

Freeway Camper is also a start-up that specializes in renting vans and motorhomes. Those who like a more unusual type of camping can also rent a MINI with a roof tent and use it to explore the area. In addition, the company offers the sale of fleet vehicles of the previous season. Advice is included. So if after a few vacations in a rental van you want to get your own, you can take advantage of Freeway Camper’s offer.

As with many other providers, the basic equipment and the number of kilometers driven are included in the price. It is also possible to book campsites in advance via the portal, so that this does not have to be done via external sites. In addition to locations in Germany, there are also dealers in Poland, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von FreewayCamper (@freeway_camper)


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von FreewayCamper (@freeway_camper)

Vacationing with a campervan is definitely an adventure. What used to be labeled as stuffy, nowadays has rather cult status. Should you also want to spend a vacation in a van, you should find out in advance exactly about the regulations and the route.

Source cover image: Unsplash / Kevin Schmid

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