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That Girl – this lifestyle became more and more present in the lockdowns. Even when life returned to normal, people didn’t stop staying loyal to this way of life. It’s not just on Instagram where this trend is popular. Pinterest, Youtube and especially Tiktok have also played a very big part here.

According to the website Urban Dictionary, ‘That Girl’ is someone (no matter the gender) who gets up at five in the morning to meditate or practice other sports, drinks (homemade) smoothies, eats healthy and seems to be successful in many aspects of life. Many TikToks show the morning or evening routine. But occasionally clips are shown of the whole day and how people spend it.


How is life supposed to go into the right direction if there is no plan? Even in ordinary everyday life, there are things that fit well in a planner – they don’t have to be world-changing to-do’s. Daily tasks such as watering plants, doing grocery shopping or even a simple reminder that the laundry needs to be done, can be written in here.

Deadlines, important dates and more general daily to-do’s can be written down here. Keeping an overview is the key for life. Seeing how the tasks become less and less is not only motivating, it is also easier to see how much is left.

The planner can also serve as a journal and diary. At the end of the day, feelings and successes can be written in.


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Morning and Evening routine

Even though mornings can be stressful and evenings very exhausting, these hours are very important for us. If the morning is tiring and starts badly, it can have a big impact on the rest of the day – and nobody wants to be in a bad mood.

If sleeping in is an option, it should be used. There is nothing better than getting up from your own clock. During the week, it’s a little harder to get up on your own – especially if the alarm is before 7am. Prioritise sleep and go to bed earlier. Even if it seems hard, it’s a matter of practice. And when sleep is good, the whole day is much better and more productive.

To start/end the day well, it is worth having a pleasant routine. Whether it’s skin care, meditating or stretching – anything that is calming and stress-free should be done daily.


In the workplace, most people don’t get enough exercise, which can stress you out even more. Even if it can be hard, you should still do something. Exercise makes you happy – the body releases endorphins, which has a euphoric effect on us! In addition, our productivity increases when we are physically active.

It doesn’t have to be a high-performance sport, but some exercise is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle. If the gym is not your cup of tea, there are still endless other ways to stay fit.


Many get up earlier to have that extra hour to themselves. But that hour doesn’t necessarily have to be in the morning. Whether it’s midday or even in the evening, having a certain amount of time for yourself is very important.

Take time for yourself

There are many different activities that can be tried out during this time. The goal: to focus and pay attention to yourself – this is most easily done when all technical devices are removed or switched off.

How about getting into reading books? Think about how many pages you want to read and set a goal for the days. In addition to reading, yoga, meditation and going for a walk can also help clear your mind.


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Even though this trend has some benefits, this lifestyle should not define your whole life. You don’t have to follow these steps to become ‘that girl’ – as long as you feel good and the tasks are done at the end of the day. Nevertheless, a healthy routine never hurts!

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