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Tel Aviv is a city in state of flux. A vacation in the Israeli metropolis is not just about sightseeing. It rather gives you the opportunity to take a look into its soul – and to get to know beautiful places that the locals also love. Our editor went to Tel Aviv and now shares her impressions with us.

Tel Aviv is different: different from Jerusalem, different from the rest of Israel. The city is in a permanent state of change. New cafés, restaurants and clubs are constantly opening and new high-rise buildings are growing out of the ground at every corner. Creativity develops here quickly everyday, making Tel Aviv the metropolis of the art of living. But this happy chaos can only work through two constants: the sun and the beach.

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Israeli delicacies

The inhabitants love their city. In their opinion they live in the best and most exciting city in the world and this love of home is quickly transferred to the visitor. Every single local can tell with certainty where to find the best coffee, the creamiest hummus or the freshest fish. And a little tip: Mostly they are right, because there are just too many good cafés, hummus shops and restaurants. The best way to start the day is with a hearty Israeli breakfast on Rothschild Boulevard. It consists of an omelette with salad, hummus and labaneh (cream cheese) or a delicious shakshuka. At noon the falafel or shawarma in pita bread is absolutely recommended. This is top-notch fast food that can be found on almost every street corner. However, the best hummus is available in the “Saluf and sons”. The way here is worth it. To satisfy your appetite in the evening, you should stroll along the harbour and then sit down in the “Old Man and the sea” restaurant. Here, 20 bowls of delicacies are served as an “appetizer” with pita bread. It’s simply delicious!

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Evening program

In the evening, locals meet on the beach and enjoy the sundowner together with their friends and family. In the daytime, hot surfers practice their turns, and at nighttime, you can enjoy the peace and the soothing sound of the waves. Afterwards, there’s only one place where you shouldn’t spend the evening: at the hotel. Outside, there is a lot to see and experience: In the artists’ and students’ quarter Florentin with its countless bars and special clubs or at the Jaffa flea market, which becomes a party zone in the evening. The people are very international and open-minded, so you’ll get to know a lot of people quickly. Our conclusion: Tel Aviv is definitely worth a visit!

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