Swedish furniture meets Danish design: the YPPERLIG collection from IKEA and HAY

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The cooperation between IKEA and HAY is finally available from October 2017. We already took a first look at the YPPERLIG collection with furniture and small living accessories.

The waiting has finally come to an end: From October, the result of the cooperation between IKEA and Hay will be available. Thanks to a look book, released by IKEA Sweden, you can already have a peek at the collection that lives up to its Swedish name YPPERLIG (which means excellent). The products from the collection will make design fans’ hearts beat faster. Be it a sofa, a chair, a vase or a mirror, the products are all designed in the finest Scandinavian style, with clean lines and muted colors like gray, green or blue. A special highlight is the makeover the Danes at HAY gave the classic blue IKEA bag Fracta.

According to designer Mette Hay, the aim of the collaborative collection is to follow the IKEA principles by combining high quality with affordable prices. This philosophy is shared by the Danish design label HAY, which is known for its aesthetic and long-lasting designs. Furthermore, both brands focus on timelessness and functionality, which are reflected in every single piece of the YPPERLIG collection. In this cooperation, the focus was clearly on living space and comfort, which is why mainly furniture and living accessories for the living room have been created. Quite soon, fans of Scandinavian interior design can decorate their homes with the Swedish-Danish YPPERLIG creations.


Images source: © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2017

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