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Chanel, NARS, L’Oréal Paris to Esteé Lauder – everyone knows these make-up brands or has at least heard of them. However, they all have something in common: none of them is vegan. If you look at the german market, you will hardly find any vegan make-up companies. The founders of Lethal Cosmetics took advantage of this niche and are now conquering the market.

One million followers on TikTok. That’s more than Mercedes-Benz or even the daily news have to offer. Why are we telling you this? Well, that’s exactly how many followers the vegan makeup brand Lethal Cosmetics has. And that’s without any advertising.

The story

In an interview, the founders Anna-Maria and Kai Jäger tell how they came up with their business idea. They talk about a gap in the market that Anna-Maria discovered. She is a vegan herself and doesn’t just apply this to her diet. In 2016, the two then made the decision to fill this gap and found a vegan company. They wanted to expand the vegan makeup game in Germany. Lethal Cosmetics was born. Their products are made in Berlin, are 100% vegan and animal-free.

The first steps were hard; the equipment and the expensive raw materials for the products had to be paid out of their own pockets. In addition, they both had their jobs, which meant no free time at the end of the day or on weekends. It also often happened that they were working up to 16 hours a day.

Fortunately, everything went uphill and the situation has improved significantly. One of their accomplishments: one million followers on TikTok without having any ads turned on. Sounds like a lie, but that’s actually how it happened. In the intervening period, the official Lethal account (@lethalcosmetics) was even the most followed german account on Tiktok, even surpassed Mercedes-Benz and Prime Video.

What did they post? At first, they were doing challenges and creating memes. But they realized early on that this was the wrong way to go. The new content was much more in sync with the brand, and thanks to the algorithm, the right people came along this way. Although the short videos don’t show much, they appeal to the makeup lover. This is how they found their Tiktok community, even without advertising.

Up to this point, they have also led no more than two collaborations, they are more based on friendships and work without payment. They are very proud that their success, like their products, is pure.

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vegan make-up in germany

More and more people want to live more sustainable and greener. No wonder that the vegan market is growing steadily. Brands like Maybelline and NYX have started to develop some cosmetic products without animal ingredients, which shows that the demand in this area is increasing.

Despite this boom, there aren’t very many companies that sell exclusively pure plant-based and animal-free products. In the last few years, however, some new brands have entered the market that offer these products. Some german-based manufacturers are Jungglück, Merme Berlin and Fine Cosmetics, to name a few. One of the newer companies is Toned Cosmetics, which launched in 2020.
Even though the vegan market is small, there are companies that cover all the major face products. In the near future, more companies with the same values will surely emerge. At the same time, we must hope that existing brands expand their range with vegan lines, creating a better and healthier environment.

Source Cover Image: Unsplash / Samuel Regan-Asante

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