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You’re not getting cold feet, are you? If you want to keep your feet warm this winter without sacrificing the style factor, you’ve come to the right place. We show you the shoe trends that will keep you warm this winter.

Winter has arrived and with it its pitfalls – from frozen toes to the most unpleasant feeling known to mankind to date: wet socks. We present you the remedy. These are our top 3 shoe trends for winter 2020/2021.

Chunky yet Funky – Combat Boots

You’ll stomp your way through the frosty cold with these! Chunky combat boots have been leaving their deep shoe prints in the snow for a few years now, but this year fashion designers have given the badass boot a new twist.

In addition to the classic chunky Dr. Martens, more delicate alternatives from high-end fashion designers are now lining up. At least they are as delicate as combat boots can be – here at the example of Valentino with a narrower profile and stylish gold details.


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Cozy socks with sole – Teddybear Sneaker

Who wouldn’t like to adopt the teddy fleece trend for jackets for footwear as well? These fluffy high tops from Converse are the perfect choice for those who can’t keep their hands off their sneakers even in sub-zero temperatures.

Maybe next year teddy fleece pants will hit the market to complete the full Teddybear look – we’re definitely ready for it!

Keep a distance from the cold with heels – Platform Boots

The above-mentioned problem of wet socks is thanks to this shoe trend only snow of yesterday. The concept behind it is very simple: a platform so high that the cold and wetness of the ground can no longer harm your feet.

Bottega Veneta‘s Lug Boots are like the love-child of Chelsea and Combat boots, inheriting maximum features from both designs: A calf-high shaft with elastic at the side and an ultra-high, chunky platform.


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No matter which of these kicks you ultimately choose, with these shoes on your feet even the harshest winter can no longer threaten you.

Source cover image: iStock / PeskyMonkey

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