eclecticism – THE NEW HOME TREND IN 2023

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New year, new home trends – but what’s in this year in the interior sector? We’ve tracked down the top trend for 2023 and taken a closer look at it for you.

Eclecticism in interior design is the combination of old and new furnishing styles. The motto here is: “More is more”. The name eclecticism comes from the ancient Greek word “eklektos”, which means “selected” and “exquisite”, and describes the combination of different elements from various artistic directions. This design direction is nothing other than an interesting and unusual mix of different styles that have been cleverly combined.


It can be found above all on buildings in southern Italy, Brussels or Paris. At that time, a wide variety of ideas and impressions, but also things like carpets and curtains, were brought back from journeys, which, in combination with existing elements in Europe, shaped their own impressive style.

Now this style is also found in interiors. The art here is to create a harmonious overall impression despite the diversity. This is achieved through the right combination of different colours, materials and patterns. But where do you start and how can you approach this versatile furnishing trend?


Choosing the right colour is essential. To start with, choose a suitable colour that will dominate your interior design style – how about your favourite colour? Based on this, you can choose as many colours as you like that match your main colour to make the room look stylish.


In addition to bright colours, different materials also play an important role in eclecticism. The combination of velvet and silk cushions, a coarse woollen blanket, a jute rug, glass and metal vases… The right lighting is also very important in eclecticism. Distinctive, eye-catching lighting elements count to make the style stand out and shine in the right light.


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As we all know, the best comes at the end and this is where it gets particularly exciting. The bright colours and the diverse materials are now joined by exciting patterns! Here you can let your creativity run free – as long as the overall impression is coherent.

Eclecticism is all about combining different styles and merging them into a perfect end result. For example, you can choose oriental carpets, striped curtains, differently patterned cushions, abstract vases and Art Nouveau artwork to give your home that special touch.

If you like colourful and funky, eclecticism is the style for you! It is definitely one of the more unusual living trends and you can put it together yourself as you like. We were impressed by the way you can mix old and new elements to create your own individual style, and all the colours, materials and patterns are guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

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