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Fashion is at our heart here at youDressed. To get a glimpse behind the scenes and a closer look at the professional world, we recently spoke to Susanne, showroom manager for an Italian fashion company. She originally came from the tourism industry, but was drawn to the fashion world twenty years ago. The showroom manager talks about her work, the inspirations of her team and her thoughts on future fashion designs.

The job of a showroom manager is, among other things, about ensuring the visual attractiveness of the premises in which the goods are presented and sold. But what else is behind it? What additional tasks have to be carried out?

Susanne tells us more about her tasks and makes it clear that there is a lot more to it, such as setting up and taking down the collections, booking models, looking after customers and much more. For this job, you have to be a multi-tasker and be able to handle a lot of stress during the high season.

youDressed: You’ve been a showroom manager here in Munich for a long time with one of the biggest Italian fashion groups, can you tell us a little bit about working in the showroom?

Susanne: My work is varied and never gets boring. For 20 years I’ve still been looking forward to each new collection! You just have to want to get your hands dirty sometimes. Showroom manager – that’s work with full physical commitment. But all in all, it’s a beautiful workplace, stylish and in a wonderful ambience.

youDressed: How many collections does your fashion group go through in a year?

Susanne: Most collections have 4 exits per year. Nevertheless, there are 2 exceptions with only 2 collections each.



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youDressed: What inspires your designers for the collection?

Susanne: The inspirations are a constant process – different from collection to collection. The designers and product managers train us before we start ordering and share with us what they were inspired by and how the collections were finally created.

youDressed: You have different brands – how do they differ from each other?

Susanne: The main line is our flagship and trendsetter at the same time. Only the best qualities are used for suits, costumes and of course the coats. Here, the coats are almost exclusively produced in Italy. Other collections from our house are also well suited for special occasions or business, but these are priced below the main line.

In addition to business and evening wear, there is also a commercial line that has established itself as the most successful collection worldwide.

Our success proves us right: for many end customers, the price-performance ratio has to be right at the same time, taking into account that the fashion aspect must not be neglected. And that is what our end customers love about this collection.

youDressed: Can you already give a little preview of next season’s must-haves?

Susanne: Dresses and occasion-related fashion. People are longing to be able to celebrate again and obviously firmly believe that there will be many elegant parties in summer 2023!

youDressed: And what fashion trends & must-haves are you personally focusing on in the future?

Susanne: Sustainable and fairly produced clothing will become more and more of a topic, also for me personally. My two must-haves are a good pair of jeans and a light wool coat made of camel hair. With these, I’m always fine!

youDressed: Which collections have inspired your personal style lately?

Susanne: I find tone-in-tone collections with soft colours or clean white very suitable for many occasions. That way you are neither underdressed nor overdressed.

youDressed: How would you describe your own style and how does it influence your work?

Susanne: My style changes every morning depending on my mood, but it also adapts significantly to what’s happening on the day. The work as a showroom manager can vary from customer service during the selling campaign to loading and unloading lorries, changing decoration modules, dressing/undressing dolls etc. I know this beforehand and try to adapt it to the day.

I know this beforehand and try to come to work dressed accordingly. So it never gets boring in my wardrobe. My style is, in short, from sporty to elegant, whichever the day allows!

youDressed: What was/is your favourite collection – and your personal favourite?

Susanne: I love the crazy fashion pieces. They make you feel fun and in the mood for fashion. They always remind me why I love working in fashion.

youDressed: Can you share some memorable moments from your work in fashion?

Susanne: One inspiring event was Bread&Butter Barcelona many years ago. There you met people from all over the world, united in fashion. This memory of those days in Spain remains one of the most beautiful for me. It is always nice to be able to travel to such events!


youDressed: Do you have any advice you would give to your younger self?

Susanne: To take the work-life balance more seriously more often. I was an absolute workaholic for many years, but despite all the fun I had at work, it would still have done me good to pay more attention to myself sometimes.

Source cover image: Unsplash / Nicola Styles

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