The biggest chocolate innovation in 80 years: “Ruby” chocolate

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Up to now we knew the three classic chocolate types white, milk and dark chocolate. But now the groundbreaking Ruby chocolate has joined the trio and is set to revolutionise the chocolate market.

About 80 years ago, white chocolate came on the market. With the Ruby chocolate, the classic chocolate ensemble of white-brown-black is now complemented by a wonderfully berry-coloured splash of colour.

The 4th type of chocolate is all natural!

According to its discoverer, the Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut, the pink and red chocolate is a “true gift from nature”. It is made from an intensely ruby-coloured cocoa bean, which only grows under special climatic conditions in Basil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast where it can develop its unique fruity taste.

This makes the Ruby chocolate an independent variety. The colour is 100% natural and is not created by adding colour or berries.


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How does it taste now?

The Ruby chocolate looks so extraordinarily magical, as if it had been produced in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory by little Oompa Loompas – but the pink pleasure is very real and is now also being made into pralines and bars in the Heilemann confectionery in Bavaria.


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Ruby chocolate is described – although no berries are added to it – as wonderfully fruity and berry and thus unfolds completely new nuances in chocolate heaven. It is particularly smooth on the palate and, unlike the other chocolate types, it is even felt to be refreshing.

The ruby-coloured world novelty is big on the rise. All chocolate holics among you should keep an eye out for the pink beauty in the confectionery shop windows for the next time.

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