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Summer, sun, vacation time, but your luggage is way too messy? We tell you the best tips on how to travel with a light suitcase and learn all about the tricks Rihanna’s suitcase packer Ivica Tot-Genz told us at the Amazon Event #TravelHacks in Berlin.

Checklist: What do you need?

Girls often tend to pack too much and thus often forget to plan their outfits beforehand. In the end, the suitcase is stuffed with clothing that you can’t combine properly. A checklist can be very useful to bring with you what you really need and to keep a better overview. Pro tip from Ivica Tot-Genz: Plan all of your outfits ahead and roll them together (see tip 2) so you’ll have them on hand immediately without making a huge mess in your suitcase.

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They see me rollin‘

You usually fold all of your cloth? Forget about that! It’s time to adapt the expert’s tip to role your stuff. That’s a simple way to compress your clothing and to save a lot of space. Another benefit: You won’t get as many creases in your shirts!

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Mind the order

Heavy items like shoes are best to be packed first. That’s how you prevent light things from being flattened. Protect your shoes from dents by filling them with socks and belts and saving space at the same time.

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Practical assistance

Clothing bags are really helpful when it comes to organizing your suitcase. Since you don’t want to waste time searching for your stuff, tops, bottoms, and cosmetics should be in separated bags. Furthermore, buy travel sized shampoo and moisturizer to save weight or fill your full size ones into reusable travel jars (which is the more sustainable option).

Quelle: Youtube / Ann Le {Anneorshine}

Your bags are packed and your passport is ready to hand: Time to go on vacation! Mind our tips and a relaxed time without having to stress about finding anything in your suitcase is guaranteed.


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