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London is with its over eight million citizens one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Twice as many people come to visit the UKs capital as tourists every year to enjoy the countless sights and impressions London has to offer. Yet, if the normal tourist program is not enough for you, London has also a lot for you in store. Our editor takes her with you on her last London trip.

Who again and again returns to London eventually knows all the common yet stunning sights like the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. And despite my expectations that I knows the city by now, I return to the vibrant metropolis to find new corners, new impressions, and new facades of the city.

Go to one of the free museums

In London most museums are free. You can just walk in and be fascinated by British history or world-famous paintings. For culture-vultures the National Portrait Gallery, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum are highly recommended.

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Walk through London’s inner city to see all important places

London’s most well-known squares and sights are not really far apart. It is so easy to walk from Covent Garden to Leicester Square, and then from Leicester Square over the Waterloo Bridge to the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. Despite walking being physically demanding, you are rewarded with a stunning view of London.


Sure, the Oxford Street and Regent Street are amazing shopping streets, but also completely over-crowded. It is more relaxing in the area of the Seven Dials, just behind Covent Garden. Next to small boutiques you can find stores like Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville. Who likes their clothes a bit more extravagant might find Brick Lane with its vintage and second hand shops more inspiring.

The Sky Garden

You get a breathtaking view from the heart of the financial district over London from the Sky Garden. The high office building has on its 48th floor a small oasis, where you can enjoy the view over London next to having a meal and drinks. However, you should either book a table in one of the two bars or the restaurant or book one of the free one-hour tickets to get up to enjoy the view.

Culinary variety

London is known for its culinary variety. Those of you who want to relish it, are in good hands in Camden. Despite Camden being one of the popular tourist hotspots, the spectacular food makes up for the crowd. Moreover, there are many little shops and stalls which sell little knick-knacks in Camden Market.

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Theatre, theatre, theatre

For all theatre fans London is the place to be. Who once entered the West End, is faced with countless musical and theatre posters. If you want to get cheap(er) musical or theatre tickets for the evening, you can queue at TKTS at Leicester Square. There you can get the remaining tickets for the shows of that day. You only need to be there early and hope that there are still tickets for your favorite show. For fans of the classical theatre Shakespeare’s Globe is the perfect place. You can get groundling (standing) tickets for 5 pounds and can enjoy the authentic atmosphere and excellent theatre.

Night Life

When you have been on your feet all day exploring London, you are exhausted in the evening. Yet, if you are up for some cider in a relaxing atmosphere, Shoreditch is the place to be. There are various bars and maybe you get lucky and find a secret one where you can rewind after a long day in the city with some booze. But be careful: In the UK all bars close around 12ish, all clubs around 2ist.


Who has seen enough of the loud city life, can escape for some hours to Greenwich. Most people know Greenwich only for the prime meridian, yet the district offers more interesting impressions. You can walk from the other side of the Thames (station Island Gardens) through the foot path underneath the river. On the other side you find the maritime and naval museum, or can take a stroll in Greenwich Park, where parts of one of the Thor films were shot. As a last extra you get a extraordinary look at the vibrant city from the highest point in Greenwich Park.


These are just some of the countless impression London has to offer. When you leave the inner city, you find many astonishing corners of the metropolis, which quickly casts a spell on you and enchants you to come back.


title image: Unsplash / Luca Micheli

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