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Architecture at its finest – when buildings become art

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You think architecture is boring? Let us convince you of the opposite. Whether residential buildings, concert halls or museums. Architects turn many a building into a true work of art. Sometimes you even ask yourself how it is possible that it doesn’t fall down.

Architects are often known for their creativity. How far they go, we show you today. Unfortunately, not all ideas can be implemented today, but who knows what the future will bring. In any case, we are curious.

1. The invisible house

Imagine there was a house that was completely boarded up on the sides with mirrors. From far away it is more or less invisible. But as the saying goes, it is precisely the inconspicuous that is special. This motto also applies to this house. Because inside it is modernly furnished and the apparent mirrors are windows from the inside. Best of all, it’s also completely sustainable. You can find it in California in Joshua Tree. It was designed by Tomas Osinski.


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2. Building in motion

The architects Thomas Heatherwick and Norman Foster of this building were probably a bit bored with the rigid views of the usual cultural centers. In any case, you have built around the building three “curtains” of gold and bronze-colored steel tubes, which permanently move around the structure. You can find it in Shanghai.

3. Steamer in the green

Whether the architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos were inspired by the terrible fate of the Titanic or whether he simply wanted to go against the laws of physics, no one really knows. In any case, in his work he wants to build a hotel that recreates a ship. However, it is not to be located near a harbor or even in the middle of the water. No, he wants to set his project directly on the top of a mountain. The two ends of the ship should extend far beyond the steep sides of the slope. Whether it will ever be realized is yet to be seen.

To all of you who doubted the diversity of architecture. Could we convince you?

Souce Cover Image: Unsplash / Ryunosuke Kikuno

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