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The annual wardrobe cleaning is coming up again and you don’t know where to put the old clothes? How about not throwing it all away this time, but simply reselling it or even exchanging it with somebody else? Online fashion file sharing makes this possible. Find out how to earn money without much effort and also do something good for the environment.

Well known and widely used: Kleiderkreisel

In order to sell fashion on Kleiderkreisel, you must first register as a seller and create a profile. Then you can sell your clothes online for free. Simply write a description text, add photos of the item and set its price. The transaction is insured by Kleiderkreisel itself, if you pay by credit card, instant bank transfer or PayPal. In any case, the customer pays for shipping. The same procedure applies if you want to buy certain items of clothing. If the price is too high for the buyer, it can be negotiated. You should also pay attention to the ratings of the accounts, because they give information about the sovereignty of a member.

Second hand designer fashion: Mädchen Flohmarkt

Designer pieces and vintage treasures can be found here in abundance. Similar to Kleiderkreisel you can sell your old clothes on the website Mädchen Flohmarkt. The only thing you need are nice photos of the garment and a description of the item. For each transaction, however, the manufacturer charges a commission of ten percent of the item price. If you do not want to place your articles on the webiste by yourself, you can have them placed online by the so-called “Concierge Service” with a commission of 40 percent of the article price.

Zadaa – newcomer from Scandinavia

Under the motto “Find clothes that fit”, the Zadaa app allows you to network with fashion lovers of the same size and style. As with the other two platforms, you can easily make your items available for sale by adding a photo and a desired price. If someone is interested in the item, the seller takes it to the post office and is paid as soon as the buyer has received the garment. Buyer protection is guaranteed at a price up to 10,000 euros.

With all these platforms you immediately get the urge to clean out your wardrobe. Making money made easy!


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