Sustainable tourism – the way to a successful conscious holiday

Can I still fly? Where can I take a sustainable holiday? We will show you how your next trip can be sustainable and yet relaxing, exciting and unique.

Your next holiday should be sustainable and in harmony with the environment? To make sure that you succeed, we’ll give you a few tips to make sure that you succeed.


Discover your surroundings

Find out what there is to discover in close surroundings. Because often people forget to look for beautiful travel destinations in their own region because of their wanderlust. Often a hut in the local woods or an excursion to a nearby museum can make you flee from the stress of everyday life. And all this without a long journey and high CO2 consumption.


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Slow Travels

One thing is clear when it comes to choosing the means of transport: it is much more climate-friendly to travel by bus or train than by plane. We therefore recommend: Pack yourself with tasty food and a tasty bottle of wine and even a longer trip by bus or train can be a pleasure. You can also consider not to drive the whole distance in one and make a stopover in a beautiful city on the way. Slow progress can also have something very calming.




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The right accommodation makes the difference

The choice of accommodation also has an influence on the ecological footprint. There are two factors that can be taken into account. Firstly, the air conditioning is one of the biggest energy guzzlers. From an ecological point of view, it is therefore advisable not to go to a domicile, which is air-conditioned around the clock. On the other hand, there is often a lack of water, especially in southern regions. A large pool can be a lot of fun – but it is often not very environmentally friendly.

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What can you do if the flight was unavoidable?

If the flight could not be avoided then there is an interesting possibility to compensate the CO2 consumption at least financially. Different providers calculate for you how much CO2 a flight consumes and calculate how expensive the compensation is. This money is then used for climate protection projects.

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