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On hot summer days there is nothing better than a cool refreshment. Whether a swim in the pool, a refreshing ice cream or a cold drink – there are many ways to make the heat bearable. We’ve found the ultimate combination of refreshment options and it’s called popsticle cocktails!

Now you can enjoy Bellini, Lillet and Co. in the form of water ice. You simply freeze your favourite drink and can enjoy it a few hours later. The most tipsy ice cream becomes a real eye-catcher when you freeze limes or mint with it – it looks great and adds a certain summery touch.

The so-called poptails are easily and quickly prepared and are addictive. But be careful: if you try the following recipes, your favorite ice cream will have real competition! All you need are ice cups and your favourite drink.

The exotic: watermelon-mojito-ice

  • 450 g watermelon, cut
  • 100 ml lime juice
  • 150 ml white rum
  • a dash of sugar syrup
  • a few mint leaves


Pour all ingredients into a blender and mix at the highest speed until the mixture is uniform. Then pour the mixture into the ice moulds and place in the freezer. Once the ice is lightly frozen, add the ice cream stick. Leave to freeze overnight.

The (tequila) sunrise:


  • 480 ml orange juice
  • 450 g blended pinapple
  • 180 ml tequila
  • 80 ml grenadine juice


Mix orange juice, pineapple puree and tequila. Fill into water ice cups and one teaspoon of grenadine each. Tip: If you don’t like alcohol, you can skip the tequila and replace it with bitter lemon.

With these delicious posticles the heat can be endured much better. And you never have to decide between a cool cocktail and fresh ice cream again.


Source cover image: Unsplash / Lindsay Moe

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