Titanic 2.0 expected to sail in 2022

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110 years after the sinking of the Titanic, a successor of the largest passenger ship will set sail. The “Titanic II” will take passengers on a short journey through time.

The shipping company Blues Star Line has announced its intention to launch a successor to the “Titanic” in 2022. The “Titanic II” will start in Dubai and then take the route of its predecessor from Southampton to New York. The ship will be a faithful replica of the “Titanic” which sank in 1912. However, it will be equipped with the latest technology.

2400 passengers will be able to experience all the luxury of the cruiser. Pool, ballroom and even a Turkish bath provide for highest comfort. According to the shipping company, 900 employees take care of the well-being of the guests. The whole project is said to cost half a billion US dollars.

“We want to offer the authentic Titanic experience. The interior, the cabins – everything should look like the original, with more modern safety and navigation systems”, says shipping company boss Clive Palmer.

A further technical change to the original was also necessary: Instead of coal, the “Titanic II” is powered by diesel. However, the four iconic chimneys will remain, even if they have no function on the new ship. We are excited!

Source cover image: youtube/ United Australia Party

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