Get things done – With these 4 tips you can do all the tedious tasks

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Boredom or not, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing certain things. For example the tax return or cleaning out the closet. Today we’ll show you a few tricks how to do these things more easily and be more productive.

Corona gives us the opportunity for the second time to take care of everything that has been left behind. Now of course you can’t come up with excuses anymore, because you used pretty much all of them in the first lockdown. From today on, this one doesn’t need any more either. Just use these tricks for unpleasant tasks.

1. Listen to music/podcasts/audio books

Just about everyone listens to music when they go to work in the morning, when doing sports, cooking, taking a shower or partying. Movies without music are unimaginable these days. It gives us a good feeling and makes life better by driving and supporting us or even creating a nice atmosphere.

So why don’t we just listen to it even when things are annoying? When cleaning, the mop can quickly become a microphone and the mirror in the bathroom an audience. Sing or dance along (if circumstances permit). If you clean out your closet, the bedroom can also become a catwalk with the right music. Podcasts or audio books are also a good remedy and you can even learn something from them.


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2. Time limits

Set yourself a timer. Within this time you must be able to complete certain tasks. This will make you much faster. For example, set three minutes per room for cleaning up or 1 hour for sports activities. Anything that you can’t do in this time will be left lying around. You will see how efficiently you suddenly work. If you remove all disturbing factors from the way, the whole thing will work even better.


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3. Plan something you can enjoy

How about if your daily schedule is not like this: “Today I have to clean, wash and do my tax return. When I’m done, I’ll probably just fall into bed dead.” But like this: “Today I have to clean, wash and do my tax return. I must become absolutely finished, because in the evening still friends come past and up to then I want to be finished. In general, the two projects sound relatively similar, with one small but subtle difference. Do all the annoying tasks, but plan something at the end of the day you can enjoy. It is like a reward that you have earned for your diligence. And believe us, you will appreciate these moments even more, because you can be really proud of yourself.


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4. Do it with friends

Some things can also be done in groups or at least in pairs. Maybe you have moved and still have to paint your apartment? Just get one or two friends and you’re ready to go.

Besides, working together only has advantages: time goes by much faster, you finish earlier and on top of that you have a lot of fun.


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As you can see, you don’t always have to force yourself to do annoying tasks. With these tips, even the most tedious task is still fun. If not, just celebrate afterwards that you’ve done it.


Source Cover Image: Unsplash / Corinne Kutz

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