The best travel destinations for fall / winter 2017

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Soaking up the sun one last time before winter begins. These are the best destination to escape the rainy fall or cold winter weather.

As soon as the school holidays are over in September, the prices for holiday trips are sinking, and it is way easier to make a good bargain. In fall, those who want to enjoy a sunny beach holiday do not have to travel that far. Especially destinations in Southern Europe are very popular. There are still summerlike temperatures with up to 30 degrees in the Canaries, the Balearic Islands, Corsica or in the Portuguese Algarve. Destinations in Northern Africa such as Morocco are enjoying great popularity, too: From October on it is not as hot anymore which makes travelling there more pleasant.

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November is known as the grey month so many people want to flee to sunnier climes. Reliably warm temperatures can be found in the Orient, for example during a beach holiday in Dubai. In Asia, there are also a lot of destinations with dream beaches and tropical temperatures which are getting more and more attractive at this time since the monsoon season is coming to an end. City trips are another attractive option to escape the bad weather at home. Currently, everybody’s favorite is Lisbon. The Southern European city is way more relaxed in fall but still spoils its visitors with pleasantly warm temperatures and lots of sun.

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In December, it’s time for Christmas shopping. A classic destination for shopping trips is, of course, New York City, but other cities such as London, Paris or Barcelona are great alternatives for a pre-Christmas city trip and an extensive shopping tour as well. For those who prefer sun and beach over shopping, travelling to the other end of the world is a good option. In New Zealand or South America, you can have your Christmas party underneath palm trees.

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