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Get out of your own four walls again and into the adventure. The longing for freedom is especially at this time in many people huge. One way to satisfy this desire is – hiking! Marching through beautiful landscapes and experiencing untouched nature is simply magical and nowadays also very easy to plan – with the help of the right hiking apps. We’ll tell you now which apps will make your trip unforgettable.

You want to go hiking, but you don’t know where and especially how to find the right route to suit your level. In the past, topographical maps and hiking guides had to be studied for a hike – but today, no one needs to set out with a compass and an elaborately folded map. A hiking app helps you with individual route planning and navigation, and also provides you with all kinds of useful information while you’re on the move. To help you find your way on the tours, we now present the best outdoor apps.


Komoot is the most widely used outdoor app with more than 5 million installations. It offers a very large selection of tours, even in somewhat lesser-known regions. Many tours are suggested by komoot itself or by sponsored users or regions. But there are also individual tours that have already been hiked by other users and are publicly available. You can easily retrace them or create your own tours.
Worldwide, you can access hiking, biking, road biking, mountain biking and jogging tours through the app.
A helpful feature is offered by the app komoot with an integrated voice navigation, this helps you even in situations where you have your hands full to operate the app and allows you an undivided nature experience. The app can also be used offline.
Users get komoot for free in the first region, with additional regions available starting at 3.99€. All regions can be unlocked for a one-time 29.99€. But there are often promotions where you can unlock all regions for 19.99€ – so keep an eye out!


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With more than 500,000 downloads, Outdooractive is probably the second largest platform in Germany behind komoot.
This app also offers a large selection of tours, which are either created by the Outdooractive editorial team or by the community. The tours are accompanied by the usual information such as route, duration, altitude profile, difficulty, etc. Another plus point is the menu item “Top tours”, which summarizes the best tours for you in a list.
The app has a tour planner that works really well. You can either enter the start and destination and let the app create the route for you or set waypoints on the map yourself.
The map is valid worldwide and is also available offline here.
The basic version of Outdooractive is available for free. Outdoor Active Pro is available at a subscription price of 29.99€ annually, or 2.50€ monthly. There is also a Pro Plus version for 5.00€ per month.


The Ortovox app includes countless mountain tours, topographic maps, a summit finder and other useful tools and safety tutorials. It is therefore just the thing for every summer and winter mountain sports enthusiast.  The heart of the app is the large, ever-growing tour data bank, from which you can select thousands of ski, climbing, high altitude and mountain tours according to a wide variety of criteria such as distance, difficulty or duration.
It also ensures safety: all key data from avalanche situation reports are available and by setting the warning level, slope inclination as well as slope exposure, a safety recommendation is available.
In emergencies, the emergency call function can be used to connect to the rescue center, with your current position shown on the display.
The maps are available online or offline and depict the Alpine region with different features depending on the season. The Ortovox app is available free of charge!


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Hiking is healthy and keeps you fit! Besides, there is hardly a more beautiful natural spectacle than glittering mountain lakes on majestic mountain peaks. So pack your backpack, lace up your hiking boots and get going with the practical outdoor apps.

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