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Harry Potter in a bed in a cornfield – hotels in a class of their own

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If you book a vacation, you usually proceed in a similar way: first you look for a country or a city that you want to see, because there are various sights or events there and the hotel is usually only a means to an end. But how about doing it the other way around? Today we present you five slightly different hotels, so that in the end you may even arrange your vacation according to the hotel location.

Whether it’s in the hay, underwater or like Harry Potter, in some hotels the architects have completely outdone themselves. Don’t believe us? Then read for yourself.

1. A bed in a cornfield

Did you also play in a hayloft from time to time as a child? If you miss this time or if you would like to spend a night in the hay, take a look at the hay vacation farm in Altkamp. Because this is exactly possible here. If you are allergic in this regard, they also offer you normal hotel rooms. The “vacation on the farm” feeling remains of course.

2. Not my beer – or is it?

Beer lovers take note: in Scotland, the craft beer brewery Brew Dog has opened a hotel. What makes it special is that each room has its own tap. At breakfast, you’ll get a three-course menu, of course with a different beer for each course, and if you can’t do without a cool blond even in the quiet little room, you’ll get your money’s worth here, too, thanks to the beer fridge.


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3. Sleep like Arielle

We don’t really know if Arielle lived in Sweden. But we do know that there is a hotel here that offers a room for two – underwater. From your bedroom window you can watch the fish swimming by. If you’re claustrophobic, don’t try it here, because you’ll be three meters deep in a very confined space.

4. The unusual water and bread

When you hear water and bread, you don’t think of a hotel. But in this case you should. The Jail Hotel Fronfeste is located in Bavaria and offers you an unforgettable experience. Your welcome drink consists of water and bread. In the rooms you can spend the night in the rooms of a guard, a doctor or the chapel, among others.

5. “Aberto”

With this spell Harry Potter could open doors. Whether you can also get into your room in Georgian House this way remains to be seen. What is certain is that it looks exactly like Hogwarts. So if you are a fan of this book and movie series, this hotel is definitely the right one for you.

As you can see, no one is left out in the hotel selection. In this sense, hotel hopping would of course also offer itself, if you are curious or want to bring all interests under one hat.

Source Cover Image: Unsplash / Marten Bjork

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