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Nothing changes the appearance of a man as much as a beard. Some like it short, others prefer it longer; some like it plain, others quietly a little more extravagant. But no matter which variant you prefer, the beard remains as an expression of masculinity also in 2021 fully in trend. But with which beard styling you can’t go wrong this year?

You can continue to let your facial hair sprout in 2021 without being considered unkempt. This year, the beard trend, also due to the face mask, tends back to shorter beard hair, but long beards also remain fashionable. Which different beard variants are currently popular, we now present to you.

The mustache

The mustache is celebrating a comeback in the course of the fashionable retro wave and is fully on trend.
Today, the moustache is worn in many different variations. Whether wide, thin or even twirled, it is extravagant and definitely has trademark potential. Even if it only affects a small area of the face, the mustache is incredibly changeable.
But not only that, because the moustache can be combined really well with other beard styles. For example, in combination with a casual three-day-beard, it becomes an extremely cool look.


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The three-day-beard

No beard seems to be better received by the female sex than the three-day-beard – it is a real women’s magnet. The three-day-beard is the classic among the beards and suitable for pretty much all men, because this beard hairstyle fits almost every face.
It can be realized very quickly and also the care effort is quite low. With this beard variant you can achieve a super result within a few days. It gives the wearer a cool and very masculine attitude.
With the three-day-beard you move fashionably always on the safe side and therefore he is a clear beard trend 2021.

The full beard

The full beard is especially popular at the moment. Whether slightly disheveled or perfectly cut: This beard looks masculine. Full beards are very well received in their different variants. If the beard was always longer and longer in previous years, it is shorter again this year due to the mask.
Even if the full beard looks wild and daring, good care is important: So clean it daily and regularly use a beard oil so that the hair does not look tousled.
For this beard, it is also important that the facial hair is continuously trimmed. Because clearly recognizable contours and even hair lengths make the beard look tasteful and well-groomed.


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Regardless of trends, it is much more important that the beard fits your individual beard growth. Even with less beard growth or gaps can find one that suits you. So with sparse hair growth rather wear only three-day-beard than an irregular full beard.
When choosing the right beard hairstyle, make sure that it suits the wearer. It is not only about the shape of the face, but also about your personality.

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