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Warsaw, the Polish capital is a popular destination for tourists for a weekend trip. However, the city is still underestimated by many. In our article we tell you how to make the most of a weekend there.

In terms of architecture alone, Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city is also becoming increasingly popular with young people. Especially students from all over the world are attracted to the Polish capital. Reason enough to convince you of a visit in this article.


In Europe we have the great luxury of having a well-developed rail network. For this reason, we recommend traveling by train. From Berlin there is already a direct connection to Warsaw for 29€. And it gets even better: the ticket includes both a seat and afternoon refreshments in the form of a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

For those arriving by plane, it takes about half an hour from the airport to the city. A train leaves directly from Terminal A.


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For a weekend trip, it is especially important to find accommodation that not only accommodates you in terms of price, but is also quite centrally located so as not to waste time with daily commuting. Locals would therefore recommend the city districts Centrum and Altstadt.

Particularly noteworthy is the Hotel Indigo Warsaw, which is located directly in the center of the city. Due to its location on one of the most famous pedestrian zones of the city, Nowy Swiat, tourists can directly tick off the most famous sights in one go.

Those who want to have a very good time should consider the Bristol Hotel. The hotel has a long history and already counts as a sight in its own right due to its historical appearance. As you can already guess, the prices for a room are not quite cheap either.

Drinks & Food

Eastern European cuisine is known to be somewhat heartier and very meat-heavy. Thus, the Polish national dish pierogis is also one of them. Basically, these are small dumplings filled with a pâté consisting of meat, mushrooms, potatoes and cheese.

In Warsaw, the Oberza pod Czerwonym Wieprzem restaurant is considered a little insider tip. Somewhat removed from the tourist scene, the restaurant offers the full breadth of local cuisine. Funnily enough, many of the dishes are named after former leaders of the communist party. For example, guests can eat pork knuckle à la Erich.

What better way to end a long day of sightseeing than with a cool beer? At Bar Hoppiness, you can choose between twelve different types of craft beer. Everyone should definitely find a suitable flavor.


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Besides architectural beauties, the city has a lot to offer from a historical point of view. If you want a panoramic view of the city, you should go to the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture. The Palace of Culture was originally considered a “gift of the Soviet nations” and can be visited in its entirety as part of a guided tour.

One of the most famous components of Poland is Frederyk Chopin. Fans of classical music should not miss the museum dedicated in his honor. The museum, which is located in old brick catacombs, offers on several floors partly interactive exhibitions around the life and work of Chopin.

If you prefer to spend time outside, you should take a long walk through the Old Town of Warsaw. Although many buildings were destroyed by the Second World War, the reconstruction of many historic buildings succeeded. Thus, a detour to the Jewish Cemetery, which has existed since the 19th century, is also worthwhile.

Warsaw is a beautiful city with many facets. Many highlights can be discovered during a weekend. Those who prefer it quieter can relax in one of the many parks or make a detour to the Vistula. We can definitely recommend a trip.

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