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Spring in the Living Room: new Upcycling-Trends

Soon (hopefully) spring is just around the corner, the perfect opportunity to redecorate your home. We love the beautiful spring colors of the season and to redecorate. You also really want to give your living room a new touch of spring, but your wallet is empty? No problem! We’ll show you the latest Upcycling-trends from Living at Home.


Making from old new, sounds good at first listening, doesn’t it? Since it’s hard to part with things anyway, they can easily be reused. Let your creativity run wild and see what you can find in your junk room: old lamps, wooden boxes, books, cans or bottles that never made it to the container are perfect for the project.


I guess everybody’s got cans in their trash. Just take them, let them run through the dishwasher and voila – you have the perfect vase. Of course, the can looks nice in metallic look, but the special whistle gives the vase a new color. The latest spring pastel colours are available in the DIY store in the form of coloured spray paint. Newly coloured, the can vases are a real up-cycling eye-catcher.


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Just beautify your old dishes! Meanwhile there is a lot of ceramic paint to buy, which is perfect to breathe new life into old plates and bowls. Whether dunked, great patterns or lettering, there are no limits to your imagination.


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You have old T-shirts, memorabilia and stained kitchen towels piled up? Here’s the perfect upcycling idea: a pennant chain made of leftover fabric. With the help of a geo triangle, a sewing machine and some patience you can conjure up a beautiful decoration, not only a highlight at parties!


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Image source: unsplash / @bernharhermant

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