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The idea of producing modular furniture that can be extended and reduced as desired is anything but new. But it seems more topical than ever. They are the perfect answer to our fast-moving times. This is also ensured by exciting new concepts from MUUTO, Cubit and many more.

We live in fast-moving times. A new job offer in another city or the time of living in a shared flat is always over and the move to a new apartment is imminent. Too bad the old furniture doesn’t fit anymore. Often they end up in the bulky waste. But that is anything but sustainable.

An exciting way to avoid this in the future is modular furniture. The idea is quite simple: furniture is designed in such a way that it can be extended, reduced and arranged in any way you like. The concept is probably most widespread for shelves. But exciting modular furniture is now also available for kitchens, sofas and even beds. Here you can get to know some of them.

Cubit – The flexible shelf boxes

Let’s start with a classic. Like probably no other manufacturer, Cubit stands for modular furniture systems and should therefore not be missing from such a list. After its introduction in 2006, the cubic shelving system amazed the design world. The simple, straightforward idea of a cube-shaped shelving system that can be arranged in a radically free way has become a design classic. Every Cubik shelving unit can thus become a unique specimen. Meanwhile Cubik also builds modular sofas and lamps.



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Fantin– Flexible kitchen systems

No, Fantin doesn’t just make kitchens. But the Italian manufacturer’s modular kitchen systems are something very special. Made of sturdy metal, they are practically indestructible and can withstand any move or conversion. And that is exactly how they are designed. Everything that does not necessarily need water or electricity should be able to be moved so easily.



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MUUTO– A sofa just the way you like it

MUUTO is an expert in Scandinavian cosiness. The designers combine reduced design with very clear and modern forms. The special thing about the sofa systems is their uncompromising flexibility. You decide yourself which modules you want from the “construction kit”. However, you can easily add further parts afterwards.


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Sebra – A bed that grows with you

The problem is probably faced by all parents of small children. They grow so fast that clothes and furniture quickly no longer fit. Sebra offers a solution for at least one of these two problems. They have built a bed that grows with them. It is small at first and completely covered with a grid, making it perfect for babies. Afterwards, however, you can take it off and it becomes a cot, which on average should last until the age of six.




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