It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – small tips for a big wow

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In less than a month it will be Christmas. So it is high time to decorate for the feast of love. After all, it’s much easier to get into the right mood – and it’s fun too, by the way. In this article we would like to show you a few small tips with which you can amaze everyone.

Whether stars, wreaths or the Christmas tree, every decoration is more beautiful than no decoration at all. With our tips, it will be child’s play.

1. Christmas Stockings

Has your grandma or mum knitted socks for you? Or maybe you can knit your own socks? Wonderful. Why don’t you hang these on your fireplace? If you don’t have one, you can also use the banister. Here, of course, the bigger the socks, the better.


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2. Gingerbread House

Who actually said that decoration always just has to look good? Especially at Christmas it is a great opportunity to build a gingerbread house. Here you can be wonderfully creative. The best thing about it is that the more different decorations you choose, the more you will have later for snacking.

3. Sustainable Decoration

The last decoration idea was not really sustainable, so here is something for several years. Dry a few orange slices and thread them on. You can also simply put them on a nice plate with fir branches, cones, candles and nuts. Feel free – there are no rules here.
And speaking of sustainability: In another article we showed you Zero Waste wrapping ideas, maybe this would be something for you.


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4. Cuddly Mood

A hot chocolate or homemade mulled wine simply tastes better under a cozy blanket between lots of pillows. But you could also simply revive childhood memories and build a cave. In any case, you need different fluffy blankets, a few pillows in different sizes, maybe a cuddly fur, a carpet, a bed or a couch. If you still have candles or a string of lights, all the better. This makes the mood even more romantic.

All in all, decorating for Christmas is not that difficult. Maybe you have found the one or other inspiration. But there is one thing you should never forget: Christmas music. No matter what kind of decoration you make, the right playlist will make it look right.

Source Cover Image: unsplash / Julian Hochgesang

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